Draconic Charts and Planetary Zodiacs

Draconic charts are calculated based on the assumption that Zodiac starts from the position of the North Lunar Node (Caput Draconis) instead of 0 Aries.

Draconic and Planetary Zodiac Charts

In addition to Rahu (Lunar North Node) AstroApp also gives you ability to use any planet as a starting point of reference.

Draconic Chart is a derived chart, so in order to calculate it you will need to cast the base chart first.

To generate a new Draconic Chart or Planetary Zodiac Chart, please follow these steps:
  1. Open a chart or create a new chart.
  2. Expand the Traditions/Modern menu and select the 'Draconic...' menu option. The Draconic Chart form will appear.
  3. Select the planet to start Zodiac calculation from and click OK. The Draconic or Planetary Zodiac chart will be shown in the main pane.

Asteroid based Zodiac Charts

AstroApp allows you to calculate Asteroid-based zodiac charts for any of the available asteroids.
  1. Select your base chart.
  2. Go to the Lists/Asteroid Search... menu.
  3. Enter the name of the asteroid and click OK.
  4. In the Asteroids table, select the asteroid you want to use as a starting point for your Zodiac.
  5. Click the Asteroid-Zodiac button.
  6. The Asteroid Zodiac chart will be shown in the main pane.