We would like to sincerely thank Hank Friedman for his tremendous support in helping us test, polish and improve AstroApp. Many of his suggestions have been implemented in the latest AstroApp releases. Some of the features such as the Vedic module, additional chart styles and so on wouldn't have been possible without Hank's contributions and without his invaluable insight into the world of the modern astrology software.

We would like to thank Helmer Aslaksen (National University of Singapore) for allowing us to borrow some of the applet materials from his course on Heavenly Mathematics and Cultural Astronomy.

We also would like to thank David R. Roell of for all of his support and for his numerous suggestions for improving AstroApp. 

Our special thanks go to Christopher Warnock (Renaissance Astrology / His support, suggestions and recommendations have been absolutely instrumental in developing the AstroApp Basic Edition and also in implementing many of our traditional astrology features.