Astrology Software in the Cloud!

astrology software in the cloud

Astrology Software Online

AstroApp is the first web based professional Astrology software.
AstroApp contains all the features of advanced Astrology software and it is available in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about backups, patches, installation, upgrades or about your computer configuration. There is no need to keep moving your charts databases each time you buy a new computer, laptop, Mac or iPad. All you need to run AstroApp is passion for astrology and your web browser!
AstroApp offers a wide range of exciting features not found elsewhere. Those practicing Medieval Astrology would appreciate medieval magic algorithms, Distributions, Profections, and 11 types of Primary Directions. Crisis charts and anatomical projections are available in the Medical Astrology module. Mesoamerican school of astrology is represented by the Mayan Planetary Horoscope. Modern astrologers would enjoy features like golden section charts, persona charts, details for 100,000 asteroids and so on.
With AstroApp you just subscribe for a Free or Premium membership and you can always renew or terminate your subscription at any time. Since AstroApp is entirely web-based, you can run it on your Mac (iMac, MacBook and so on), iPad, PC and on almost any device that is connected to the Internet. 

AstroApp Astrology Software. Main Features.

Astrology Software that runs anywhere:

  •  Desktop/Laptops: Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix
  •  Tablets: iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, and many others
  •  Smartphones: iPhones, Android-based phones, Windows phones and others


  • Modern:
    • Humanistic
    • Uranian Astrology / Cosmobiology
    • Sidereal and 13 Signs
    • Huber
    • Rudhyar
    • Locational
    • Planet-centered/asteroid-centered
    • Deep Sky / Galactic
    • Dark Stars
  • Hellenistic Astrology
  • Medieval Astrology
  • Renaissance/Traditional and Magic
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Oriental: Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, Mongolian
  • Mayan
  • Medical
  • Financial Astrology for traders


  • Page Designer
  • Wheel Designer
  • Almutens Designer
  • AstroScribe (online collaboration, real-time reports and notes, social networks integration)
  • Point Explorer
  • Ephemeris Generator
  • Interpretations Editor

and much more...