3D Planetarium

  • 3D Planetarium

    3D Planetarium
    3D Planetarium
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    • Intuitive 3D Sky rotation
    • Use the Controls/Search form to search for specific locations in the Sky. Enter the Longitude (and optionally Latitude) and the Sky will be rotated to place the point corresponding to those coordinates in the center.
    • Clicking on the objects, planets and house cusps in the Planes and Houses tables will have the same effect as the Search - the Sky will be rotated to place the selected object in the center of the screen.
    • When the Sun is visible, the Sky will lit up indicating the day time (this is configurable in the Designer mode).
    Chinese Astrology
    3D ChineseAstrology

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    Vedic Nakshatras
    3D Nakshatras Vedic
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  • 3D Styles Designer

    3D Designer: Astronomy view
    3D designerAstronomy
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    You can create your own 3D Styles. More than 40 properties are customizable.
    • Constellation Figures and their colors. The following types of constellation figures are supported:
      1. Western - traditional constellations
      2. Indian - constellations according to the Vedic tradition
      3. Egyptian
      4. Arabic
      5. Chinese
      6. Aztec
      7. Navajo
      8. Lakota
      9. Polynesian
    3D Designer: 13 Signs Zodiac
    3D 13 Signs
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    • Constellation Names
    • Constellation Boundaries
    • Zodiac Types:
      1. Tropical
      2. Sidereal
      3. Galactic
      4. 13 Signs
      5. Tropical Lunar Mansions
      6. Nakshatras
    • RA Grid
    • RA Degrees. RA grid and degrees settings are useful in Primary Directions related work.
    • Ecliptic line
    • Degrees of the Ecliptic
    • Fixed stars. Fixed stars can also be restricted by their magnitude.
    • Aspects between planets and objects
    3D Designer: Arabic Lunar Mansions
    3D Arabic Mansions
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    • Aspect Line Width. This is a factor by which the width of aspect lines should be increased.
    • Planets glyphs and planets names
    • Day and Night Sky colors
    • Line width and color for Zodiac boundaries and Signs boundaries
    • Houses:
      • Location and width of the Houses sectors
      • Colors of House numbers
      • Line width and line colors of the House boundaries and house sector divisions.

    3D Designer: Tropical Zodiac
    3D designerZodiac
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