• Election/Rectification

    election rectification
    • Fixed Stars Election Module (Picatrix / Renneisance Astrology and Magic course)
    • Election Module:
      • Ability to move the chart in time.
      • Ability to specify target planet position and search for corresponding dates.
      • Ability to find exact time when house cusps are going to be in specified positions.

    Traditional Page with Election module
    trad page elections

    trad page elections

     Dignities Graphs

    Essential dignities changes graph with click-through details

    essential dignities graph election

    House Cusps Elections House Cusps elections with single-click chart previews
    house cusps elections form house cusp elections chart
     Elections with options to exclude weekends/ weekdays
    elections timeline weekends
  • Advanced Election Scanner

    1.    Ability to create and save Advanced Election Searches
    2.    Hundreds of Election Criteria combinations
    3.    Ability to use Boolean logic / create complex conditional formulas
    4.    Ability to save, rate and reuse Election Search criteria


    Election Scan Results Election Search Results (Week view)
    election search election search week view
    Election Results (Yearly View with custom events)  
    election search year view event