Chart Types

  • Mayan Planetary Horoscope

    mayan astro chart

    For those practicing Mayan astrology, the Mayan planetary chart is available. This technique is based on the work of Barry C. Orr and Bruce Scofield.
    The Mayan chart uses ages of planets’ synodic cycles along with twenty trecenas that form Mesoamerican astrological circle.

  • Horary

    horary chart
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    This chart is shown with the planets strip.
  • Synastry

      You can explore relationships using 7 types of synastry charts:
    • BiWheels
    • Composite Derived
    • Composite Midpoints
    • Davison Average
    • Davison Corrected
    • Coalescent
    • Generalized Planetary Hours Synastry BiWheel


  • Golden Section

    Golden Section
    golden section
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  • And more ...

    • Huber's Age Points
    • Rudhyar's Quadrants
    • Draconic
    • Uranian
    • Persona chars
    • Harmonics (regular, planetary arcs, Age harmonics)
    • Equilibrium/superimposed
    • Epoch charts
    • Generalized Planetary Hours charts
    • Tobey Secondary Chart
    • Sexascope
    • Tree of Life
    • Septener Diagram
    • Planetary Nodes horoscope
    • and more...