Helmut Licht

HelmutHelmut came from Germany in 1958.
Initially he studied music at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, majoring in composition. He was drafted into the US Army right before his senior year. Circumstances changed and he decided to study art at the Maryland Institute College of Art, from where he graduated in 1961. In the middle 80’s he decided to get, and got, his masters from Towson University.
He has taught German at Morgan State University and Towson University.
Helmut also leads his own Big Band for which he writes and arranges all the music.
He is the proud recipient of the prestigious professional Gold Medal from the Arthur Murray School of Dancing, where he taught dancing to earn his conservatory tuition.
Helmut is also a professional Astrologer, certified by the American Federation of Astrologers (PMAFA).
He has written and published four books:
My God, here there, everywhere (spiritual)
The Force IS with You (How to create for yourself a good and happy life)
Declinations and the Vertical Zodiac (Astrology specific)
The Decanate Chart (Astrology specific)

Helmut does what he loves and loves what he does – music, art, dancing and Astrology!
You can see his art at www.artbyhelmut.com