Kim Lovelace


KimLovelaceAstrology and Metaphysical Sciences have been an integral part of my upbringing, with my maternal Grandparents meeting at a mediumship circle in a spiritualist church, where my Grandfather was also an Astrologer. Their teachings on spiritual values, mind over matter, and the law of karma laid the foundation for my journey. At the age of 16, I first encountered the Star-sign of Ophiuchus, a 13th sign, which resonated with me, given its proximity to my birthday. Limited resources at the time sparked my interest in researching astronomy and ancient history.
From 16 onwards, I delved into Tarot, honing my psychic and healing abilities, mostly keeping it private due to the era's less open attitude towards such subjects. Transitioning into the professional realm, I worked with various psychic phone agencies and conducted private readings. In the mid to late 90s, I served as an editor for a spiritual magazine, providing monthly horoscopes based on the Tropical Astrology System, although I felt a missing piece in this system.
In 2013, I had the fortune of meeting Eric Seligson, the Siderealist, who introduced me to the 'True Live Time Sky Astrology.' Eric became my mentor and friend, guiding me on a journey to promote the truth of this astrology system. Eric's unwavering faith, loyalty, and respect have left an indelible mark on my path. This journey also connected me with Walter Berg, the original founder of the 13 Zodiac, whom I consider the Godfather of Ophiuchus. Both Eric and Walter remain my greatest inspirations on this 13 Star Sign Astrology journey.