Default Values

You can set default values for new charts by using the Defaults window. To open the 'Defaults' window, select the Settings/Defaults menu option.
The Defaults window is similar to the New Chart window and allows you to set default values for the following fields:
  1. Country. Please make sure to select the country prior to looking for the City.
  2. Location information: latitude, longitude, and time zone. You can enter that information manually or search for the location.
  3. Type. You can specify the Type for your chart by selecting from one of the following values:
    1. Natal
    2. Horary
    3. Election
    4. Dicumbiture
    5. Event
    6. Mundane
  4. Coordinate System (Geocentric, Heliocentric, or Topocentric).
  5. House System.
  6. Zodiac. To calculate the chart in Western Zodiac without Ayanamsa, select the Tropical Zodiac option. To calculate the chart in Sidereal zodiac, select one of the available Ayanamsa options.
  7. Height. This field is used to specify elevation above sea level in meters. When searching for locations using the Cities dialog box or the Atlas, this field will be populated automatically.
Note: depending on your browser configuration you may need to log out and then log in after applying the changes in order for new default settings to take effect.