•   AstroApp provides you with a set of REST and JavaScript APIs that can be used to add charting functionality to your web sites and mobile applications.

    AstroApp APIs include the following features:
    • Ability to include AstroApp charts in your web sites.
    • Let your web site users generate charts based on various calculation parameters
    • Get XML data feeds with the following information:
      • Planets: Longitude, Latitude, Speed for all major planets, asteroids, fictitious planets, Part of Fortune, and also selected pre-natal events (such as pre-natal eclipses)
      • Houses: House cusps positions
      • Aspects: planets in major aspects with additional information such as applying vs separating aspects indicators, aspect values and so on
      • Time Zones: access to AstroApp database of cities and AstroApp database of time zone changes
    • Ability to use different chart styles including Western wheels and Vedic square charts.
    • High Performance - support of sustained load of millions requests per day
    • Client Side JavaScript APIs:
      • Midpoints calculation
      • Aspects between two objects calculation
      • House placements
      • Sign placements
      • Aspects / distances
      • Various utility and formatting functions
    • REST APIs: