We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!

New Features in each Edition:

Traditional Basic, Pro, and Financial Gold:

1. Topical Almutens. 19 Almutens according to variuos traditional / medieval authors such as Bonatti, Montulmo, Ibn Ezra and others.

Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

1. Introducing the Almutens Designer!

  • Ability to create almutens of any complexity.
  • Ability to define your own scoring rules.
  • Hundreds of objects are supported including planets, major asteroids, Arabic parts, prenatal lunations, house cusps and so on.
  • Multiple types of derived points (rulers by sign, exaltation, triplicities, bounds and faces, antiscion, contra-antiscion).
  • Ability to define different types of almutens based on chart's sect.
  • Customizable calculation rules.
almuten designer astroapp dignities protocol astroapp







2. The Traditional Protocols section has been expanded with new protocols for Essential and Accidental dignities, Eminence (Valens), and Slavery (Bonatti) protocols.
3. Thema Mundi chart type.
4. Modifications/enhancements to Robert Zoller's Decumbiture/Crisis chart type.
5. 65 new Arabic Parts added, bringing the total number of available Parts to 150.
6. Hellenistic Lots table.
7. New user setting for VOC calculation rules (3 methods added).
8. New modern style Art Wheels based on the art by Helmut Licht.

art modern4 astroapp art modern1 astroapp art modern2 astroapp







9. New Page Designer components for Traditional Astrology.
10. Ability to change fonts for all chart drawings, graphs and diagrams.
11. New 13-signs Zodiac wheel style.

13 signs rainbow1 astroapp thema mundi fonts astroapp










12. New House System: AM Sidereal Hours. This brings the total number of AstroApp house systems to 55!
This new house system is available for regular charts calculation, in the All House Systems table, in the All House Placements table and in corresponding Page Designer components.
13. Updates and enhancements to AstroApp APIs.
14. Time Zones and Atlas updates.

Financial Gold Edition:

1. More than 60 USA companies added or updated.

Important Note: this is a major release and you may need to clear your browser cache. If you are seeing blank pages and/or getting any kind of errors, please log out, clear your browser cache, and then restart your browser.

Instructions on how to clear the cache can be found here: http://astroapp.com/troubleshooting/browser-cache