AstroApp: New Release!

We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp and that AstroApp is now available in Spanish!

New Features in each Edition:

Free, Traditional Basic, Pro, and Financial Gold:

1. Enhanced security: all editions and the entire site are now protected by SSL.

Traditional Basic, Pro, and Financial Gold:

1. New House system: Decanates-incognito (proposed by Licht).
2. Ten new fonts
3. New traditional wheel style.
4. Settings to define whether charts should fit the screen or should always appear smaller but perfectly round.
5. Ability to import charts from a wider range of programs that don't follow *qck format.
6. Improved time input validation.
7. Time Zone database and Atlas updates.

Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

1. Styles Selector with thumbnail previews for each style.
2. Three new traditional wheel styles.
3. More styles are now available in User Settings as default styles.

dignities terms3 dignities terms1
pictogram style outline font


















4. Enhancements to the Gauquelin chart.
5. The Halb condition added to the Traditional Dignities Protocol.
6. Two new chart types with 13 Signs and Reversed/clockwise Houses (with house numbering starting from IC or ASC).
7. Dispositor chains - ability to include modern planets is added.

sidereal reversed houses rainbow houses andalusia font










8. Ability to export charts using Solar Fire 9 qck format.
9. Ability to export charts with non-English chart names.
10. More than 10,000 new Deep Sky objects and exosolar planets.
11. Internationalization support has been added to all AstroApp APIs. Now users have the ability to set the desired language for all API outputs.

Financial Gold Edition:

1. More than 30 USA companies added or modified.

Important Note: this is a major release and you may need to clear your browser cache. If you are seeing blank pages and/or getting any kind of errors, please log out, clear your browser cache, and then restart your browser.

Instructions on how to clear the cache can be found here: