New Release of AstroApp

We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!

This release includes a brand new edition of AstroApp - AstroApp Vedic!

Overview of the most important features:

  • AstroApp Vedic Edition.
  • All features of the Vedic Astrology Edition are currently also available in AstroApp Pro and AstroApp Financial Gold Editions.
  • Major enhancements to the Advanced Search and Transit Search modules.

New Features in each Edition:

Vedic, Pro, Financial Gold Edition:

1. Ashtakavarga:

  • Ashtakavarga table
  • Rekhas table
  • Binashtakavarga table

2. Sarvatobhadra Chakra.
3. Sarvatobhadra Vedhas according to Ancient and Narapatijayacharyā's methods.
4. Panchanga table
5. Vedic Planetary dignities
6. Vedic Planetary relationships:

  • Natural
  • Temporary
  • Combined

7. Ashtakoota compatibility (with multiple calculation methods)
8. Vedic Planets and Special Points:

  • Upagrahas
  • Arudhas
  • Sphutas
  • Special Lagnas
  • Special Lagnas Editor

9. Advanced Yogas Editor
10. More than 110 pre-defined yogas.
11. KP Astrology:

  • Planetary Lords and Pushkara navamsa.
  • House Lords and Pushkara navamsa.
  • KP House Details
  • KP Horary / KP Horary numbers

12. Vedic Progressions:

  • Progressions through Vargas
  • Dashas Progressions
  • Bhrigu Progressions
  • Navamsa and Dwadasamsa progressions

13. Graha Samaya
14. Muntha
15. Kala Hora
16. Sixteen new Vedic Page Designer components
17. New Vedic Pages
18. Ayanamsa support added to:

  • Transit Lists
  • Varshapal / Returns
  • Bi-wheels
  • Nakshatra wheel style
  • All Western astrology tables
  • Elections module

19. Vedic Setting
20. Advanced Transit Search:

  • Ability to search for Ingresses in Tropical Signs, Sidereal/Vedic Signs, 13 Signs, Lunar Mansions and Nakshatras.

21. Advanced Charts Search:

  • Ability to search by relative position of planets to each other within houses and signs.
  • Ability to search for charts with planets in Arabic Mansions and Vedic Nakshtatras.
  • Ability to search charts with specified planets in Drishti aspects (Graha Drishti conditions).
  • Ability to create interpretations for saved searches and Vedic Yogas.
  • Ability to classify search criteria by their influence (positive, negative, neutral).
  • Ability to search by stats in Signs categories (such as number of planets in Fire signs, in Masculine signs, etc).
  • Ability to search charts by number of occupied signs.
  • Saved Search descriptions

Additionally, Vedic Edition supports all the existing Vedic Astrology features:

3 Vedic chart styles, 5 Dashas, 20 Vargas, 30 Ayanamsas and user-defined ayanamsa, Shadbala, Tithis, Nakshatras tables, Bindhu table, Muhurta tables, Gochara, Varshapala, 3D Styles Designer and 3D Planetarium and more.

sarvatobhadra vedic charts
sarvatobhadra pages kp astrology page















Traditional Basic Edition:
1. Vedic chart styles are now available as part of the Traditional Basic Edition.

Financial Gold Edition:
1. More than 40 US companies updated or removed (due to trading suspension).