New Release

We are excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!

Major new features:

  • New Interpretation Reports
  • Vedic Transits
  • Donald Bradley Siderograph
  • New Styles
  • Ability to export various tables to Excel

New Features in each Edition:

AstroApp Pro, Vedic, and Financial Gold Editions:

  1. Vedic Transits. Transits/Ingresses into Signs, Nakshatras, Padas, Kakshyas.

AstroApp Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

  1. Four new Interpretation reports
  2. Ability to create custom interpretation reports for positions of house rulers in other houses
  3. Medical Astrology: Fertility Calendar module
  4. Medical Astrology: Homeopathic Materia Medica updates
  5. Research features: Ability to export AstroDynes tables and various other tables into Excel, CSV and XML formats
  6. Three new styles
  7. Ability to save 5 more styles as user defaults
  8. ASC and MC added to the Special Points table
  9. Time Zone database updates.
wheel style dusty hues astroapp wheel style orange astroapp
wheel style grey astroapp  


AstroApp API enhancements:
  1. REST APIs: new endpoints.

Financial Gold Edition:

  1. Donald Bradley's Siderograph:
    • Siderograph Chart
    • Siderograph indicator added to the Trading System module
  2. 90+ new first trade charts added (USA markets) including a batch of Cannabis stocks
  3. 70+ first trade charts updated (US and European markets).