Hellenistic Astrology

  •   receptions decennials Hellenistic Time Lords
    • Ptolemy's Planetary Ages
    • Decennials according to Valens and Hephaistio
    • Zodiacal Releasing
    • Quarters of the Moon
    • Profections (also known as Sudarshana-progressions in Hindu Astrology)
    • Firdaria
    • 129 Year System
    • Balbillus method
    • Lunar Monomoiria
    • Annual Divisions (various methods according to Valens, Firmicus, and Junctinus)

    Ability to create cumulative timelines that use multiple time lord systems with different calculation parameters.
    Ability to export time lord tables into MS Excel.
    Ability to export time lord tables into PDF files.
    Ability to select from 6 year types according to Hellenistic and Medieval sources.

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    hellenistic timeline Time Lords timeline/time map view
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    timelord timeline edit Editable Timelines (for print-preview and printing)
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  • Circumambulations
    sr distributions2
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    • Predominator of the chart.
    • Trigon Lords of the Predominator.
    • Oversight lord.
    • Oikodespotes.
    • Hellenistic Chart rulers (2 methods according to Valens).
    • Heliacal evenets and phenomena
    • Signs ascensional times
    • Dodekamoria (Pauline, Mundane, and Egyptian methods)
    • Dodekamoria wheel chart
    • Hermetic Lots table.
    • Eminence Indicators (Valens)
    • Slavery