Latest News

November 21st, 2023

  1. Mobile UI enhancements: Inline forms, mobile-style hamburger menus, adaptive UIs and more. Ability to use  mobile UIs on desktop/laptop devices.
  2. 6 new UI skins, including Magenta, Obsidian, Stratus, Mobile and more. Skin previews in Settings.
  3. New ready-to-print Natal and Solar Return interpretation reports by Kitty Bonny and Abigail Craig. Existing interpretation reports updates and additions.
  4. Ability to add stars, planetoids and dark planets to customizable object sets.
  5. Thirteen Signs Astrology:
    • New Rainbow style for the 13 Signs/13 Houses visualization.
    • Planets in 13 houses interpretation report - updated/reworked.
    • New 13 Signs Zodiac calculation method according to Pedro De Damborenea.
    • Planets and Planetoids in 13 Signs and Houses interpretation reports in English in Spanish by Pedro De Damborenea.
    • Ability to search charts based on planets placements in 13 Houses (2 house systems).
    • Multi-wheel charts now support 13 Signs Zodiac.
    • Interpretation reports editor: ability to create interpretations for objects in 13 Houses.
    • Transit searches can now show search results using 13 Signs Zodiac positions.
    • New 13 house system. We now support three 13 house systems.
  6. Interactive Tutorials.
  7. Election modules:
    • Ability to set target positions for planets within a chart with automatic searches for dates when such positions occur.
    • Election Timeline: ability to include/exclude weekends and/or any week days.
  8. Advanced Search enhancements:
    • Ability to search charts by week days.
    • Ability to search charts by planetary hours and planetary days.
    • Ability to search charts by Lunar days (Traditional, Vedic, Tibetan methods).
    • 13 House placement searches.
  9. Chart image click interpretations.
  10. Point Explorer will now show Sabian symbols interpretations.
  11. Star Aspects table: simplified access to inline interpretations.
  12. Ability to use decimal format for longitudes and latitudes when creating/updating charts.
  13. Antiscion table now supports asteroids and special objects and can present data using glyphs.
  14. Solar Arcs table: support for SA planets, house cusps, various special objects and dispositors added.
  15. Ability to use modern planets, asteroids and special objects to create your custom Arabic parts in the Arabic Parts editor.
  16. The Arabic Parts table now supports filtering Arabic parts by names.
  17. Inverted charts (ability to invert charts for Southern Hemisphere).
  18. Time Lords. Completely reworked Time Lords module.
    • New Hellenistic Time Lord System: 9 Years of the Moon.
    • Decennials: two methods of the 3rd level days calculation added.
    • Time Lord sub-period trees. Ability to drill down to sub-periods up to 8 levels.
    • Losing of Bond data added to the Zodiacal Releasing Time Lord trees.
    • Quarters of the Moon tree will now show cycle numbers.
    • Balbillus method: ability to calculate from multiple releasers.
    • Ability to export time lords periods and sub-periods to Excel.
    • Timelord linear timelines.
    • Ability to add sub-periods to the chart events database.
  19. Vedic Dashas: Time Lord sub-period trees. Ability to drill down to Dasha sub-periods up to 8 levels.
  20. Time Zone updates (including recent Mexico DST changes, new time zones for South America and more).


  1. White label and branding support added for JavaScript and REST APIs.
  2. Various enhancements and error handling improvements .

Financial Astrology:

  1. Upcoming/planned IPOs calendar and charts
  2. Companies Search: ability to include multiple sectors and markets in searches.
  3. 100+ new first trade charts added.

November 22nd, 2022

1. Geomancy
2. Advanced Election Searches. Hundreds of election criteria, election formulas, searches can be saved, interactive results timeline.
3. Ability to add special objects / asteroids to all components, including charts, tables, etc.
4. Ability to configure and customize special object sets
5. Mundane Astrology: Mean Conjunctions (8 medieval Arabic methods including Kushyar, Masha'allah, Ibn Al-Shatir, Abu Ma'shar, etc).
6. Updated 13 signs interpretation reports
7. Traditional Basic page enhancements.
1. Lunar Conditions API (Phase, Angle, Next Phase data, Void of Course, Nakshatra placements, Lunar Mansions placements and more)
2. Ingresses API
Financial Astrology:
1. Advanced Searches / scanner for the Quarterly Results Announcement (EPS results).
2. Updated companies and first trade / IPOs database
3. New video tutorials by Bill Meridian

February 1st, 2022

1. AstroApp is now available in German.
2. 10 new interpretation reports, including the Natal Evolutionary report by Abigail Craig.
3. Ability to export Interpretation reports to PDF
4. Ability to print preview Interpretation reports
5. Solunars, Anlunars, returns to house cusps, to planets and major asteroids
6. Solar Spots (Observed and Predicted)
7. 13 Signs Zodiac according to Walter Berg, Vasilis Kanatas and Athen Chimenti, also Berg/Kanatas and Chimenti/Kanatas, Berg/Chimenti midpoint averages
8. Two New 13 Signs Zodiac wheel styles
9. Vedic Astrology: Sastri Zodiac
10. Unequal Zodiac Wheels
11. Main screen tables support 13 signs and unequal Zodiac variations
12. Mundane Astrology: Dawr calculations according to Abu Ma'shar and Mashallah
13. Aspect Patterns table
14. Fixed Stars table filtering
15. Usability enhancements
16. Ability to customize certain chart style options across all wheel styles.
17. ACG APIs
18. API usage portal updates
19. House Modalities stats.
20. New wheel styles
21. Auto-complete features search
Financial Astrology:
1. Crypto and FOREX data for Astro Indicators
2. Crypto and FOREX data for Technical Indicators
3. Crypto and FOREX data for Trading System module
4. Quarterly results announcements Calendar and Charts: 3 months of upcoming quarterly results announcements data
5. Ability to compare EPS charts with first trade charts
6. 200+ companies and first trade charts added.

May 8th, 2021

1. Primary Directions: Ability to include Lunar Parallax correction.
2. Primary Directions: Ability to switch between Apparent or True promissiors and significators positions added.
3. Essential Dignities election graph.
4. House cusps elections module
4. Progressions to angles as part of the objects listing.
5. APIs: progressions to angles
6. Fixed Stars Heliacal Events
7. Ability to create complex asteroid searches
7. New Page Designer components
8. Lord of the Orb (2 calculation methods - Abu Ma'shar and Diego de Torres).
9. Nine Parts time lords method (Abu Ma'shar).
10. COVID19 AstroCartography - ability to view cases by Confirmed, Recovered and Death counts per location.
11. Financial Astrology:
  11.1. Support for selected indexes and ETFs added
  11.2. Ability to combine technical and astro indicators on a single price chart
  11.3. Astro Cycles and technical indicators graph
  11.4. Financial: USA economy Business Cycle and Planetary cycle.

November 30th, 2020

1. Advanced Transit and Ingresses search module with the ability to create and save complex searches:
   1.1. Ability to search for specific aspects to planets, midpoints, planetary sums
   1.2. Ability to search for ingresses in house, in the middle of the house, using 5 degree offset rule
   1.3. Ability to build and save complex events searches
   1.4. Ability to create interpretation and rate event searches
2. Mundane Astrology: 10 types of medieval Persian/Arabic Mundane profections calculations added.
3. Medieval Persian Astrology: Planetary Strength Protocol according to Mashallah
4. Advanced Profections module: 9 Medieval Persian and Arabic Profection methods, events listing table.
5. Re-worked Basic Profections Module (new types of Profections, house rulers added.
(Available in TradBasic, Vedic and Pro editions).
6. Egyptian Lord of the Turn Time lord table and Time Map.
7. New almuten and traditional scoring systems: Mashallah, Ptolemy.
8. Directions through Bounds/Circumabulations:
    8.1. Qisma method added
    8.2. Ability to save periods/sub-periods changes to the Events database implemented.
9. Void of Course Moon: 5 calculation rules added (bringing the total number of options to 8).
10. 13 signs Astrology: Planetary positions in 13 houses added to Planet Details table
11. Uneven Zodiac Astrology: positions transformation in multiple uneven Zodiac variations added (12 and 13 signs Zodiac types, 8 variations in total).
12. Research module - ability to analyze individual charts and chart groups by Sign Pairs.  
13. ACG Maps - clicking on map lines will bring up details for those lines.
14. REST APIs: Ability to filter Progression calculation results by date ranges.
15. 1 new Page Designer component.
16. More tables can now be exported into Excel and XML files.  
17. Financial Astrology:
  17.1. Heliocentric and Topocentric Planetary Cycles.
  17.2. Astrological Group Analysis of Portfolios
  17.3. Ability to delete imported charts added
  17.4. Ability to delete companies from Portfolios.
  17.5. Financial Research: trades profitability analysis
18. Updated Portuguese translation.
19. Updates to the time zone and cities databases.
20. Nonagesimal MC and IC added to the Special Points table.

August 22nd, 2020

1. Mundane Astrology:
1.1.  World Events AstroCartography. Machine learning-driven: (NLP and face recognition), 5 types of astromaps including ACG and Geodetic maps).
1.2. Geodetic maps of coronavirus pandemic (COVID19 astro-mapping)
1.3. Geodetic maps of recent earthquakes
1.2. Horoscopes of World events and historical figures: 1,220+ charts
1.3. World Instability graphs
2. Relocation finder module. Relocation research.
3. Jayne's Progressions. Declination Progressions based on Charles Jayne's astrology.
4. Dirah Academy techniques: Dirah Bala (Vedic) and Western Planetary Strength
5. Re-worked Election module
6. New dynamic transits module
7. AstroApp is translated into Arabic.
8. Improved/updated French translations.
9.  Financial Astrology: Composite planetary cycles
10. Financial Astrology: trading events restriction by Zodiac Signs
11. Financial Astrology: 60+ company charts added
12. Cities and Time zones database enhancements:
12.1. More than 1 million locations added (including military bases, historical places, populated unincorporated areas, etc)
12.2. Time zones for more than 2 million locations updated.
13. APIs:
13.1.  JavaScript API: location proximity searches and performance improvements
13.2. REST APIs:
   REST APIs: chart creation with multiple customized parameters  
   REST APIs: ability to search for locations by city names, hospital names and by coordinates
   REST APIs: stats by Sign and House
   REST APIs: Transits
   REST APIs: Progressions
14. Two new Page Designer components
15. Bibliography: bibliographical reference added to our Online Help.
16. Complete re-design of the web site.

March 20th, 2020

      1. AstroCartography:
        • ACG maps of Coronavirus (COVID-19 spread astro mapping) with the ability to add aspects, midpoionts, sums
        • Real-time earthquakes astro mapping (magnitude, aspects, midoints and planetary sums)
      2. Aspects between charts table
      3. More tables now support CSV, MS Excel and XML format exports
      4. DESC and IC added to the Special Points listing
      5. Multiple additions to the Cities database and to the Time Zones databases
      6. Hundreds of additional asteroids
      7. Thousands of new Deep Sky objects
      8. AstroApp APIs:
        • States data added to the Time Zones APIs and Cities APIs.
        • Ability to filter out locations by states
        • Time Zones and Geo Location APIs enhancements
      9. Financial Astrology:
        • 40 new companies added
        • 70+ new and historical first trade charts added
        • 60+ companies (and IPO charts) updated.60+ companies (and IPO charts) updated.

November 1st, 2019

      1. 4 new interpretation reports.

      2. Ability to create custom interpretation reports for rulers of the houses in other houses.

      3. Three new wheel styles.

      4. Five more new styles can be set as user defaults.

      5. Ability to export multiple tables in MS Excel, CSV and XML formats.

      6. Medical Astrology: Fertility Calendar.

      7. Vedic Transits. Transits into Signs, Nakshatras, Padas, Kakshays.

      8. Financial Astrology: Bradley's Siderograph (graphs and indicators).

      9. ASC and MC added to the Special Points listing.

      10. 160+ First Trade charts added/updated. US Cannabis companies and charts added.

May 5th, 2019

      1. Solar Arcs table with the ability to store events in the database and add event points to charts.

      2. Support for Solar Arcs in Declination method.

      3. New Page Designer components.

      4. Asteroids/Dwarf planets added: Eris. Makemake, Haumea.

      5. Ability to add custom aspects.

      6. AstroApp APIs: REST APIs.

      7. I Ching Progressions.

      8. Mundane Astrology: Lunation Families.

      9. Time Zones database updates.

      10. Financial Astrology: 55 New companies added, more than 50 updated.

      11. Medical Astrology: Symptoms database updates.

November 26th, 2018

      1. Mundane Astrology: Ptolemy eclipse activation periods.

      2. Mundane Astrology: Mundane Arabic Parts.

      3. Returns scanner (Aimed returns) module. Ability to search for best location for Solar Returns and for planetary returns.

      4. Aspects and Orbs table.

      5. Two new Page Designer components.

      6. Double-clicking on right side tables brings up Point Explorer.

      7. Proportional Styles improvements.

      8. Eight new Interpretation reports Horary, Lunar Mansions, Sabian Degrees.

      9. Atlas updates: new cities and new Time Zone rules added.

      10. Lilith is now available via AstroApp APIs.

      11. Additional APIs utility functions.

      12. 12,000+ deep sky objects added.

      13. Financial Astrology: multiple new astro indicators added to the Trading System module.

September 22th, 2018

      1. Life time module (A.T.Mann)
      2. New wheel styles
      3. New Page Designer components
      4. Interpretation Reports:
        1. Sun-sign interpretation report
        2. Two Natal interpretation reports
        3. 13-Signs placement interpretation report
        4. Transit to Transit interpretation report
      5. Free Edition: AstroScribe is now available
      6. Free Edition: 2 Interpretation reports (Modern Natal and 13 signs Natal)
      7. Heliocentric and Topocentric Linear Transits
      8. Interpretation reports screen usability improvements
      9. Ability to restrict Lunar eclipses to those visible locally only
      10. Ability to filter midpoint trees to include/exclude aspects to objects that are part of midpoints configuration
      11. Ability to open Linear Transits, Progressions and Time Maps in separate browser windows
      12. API additions:
        1. Time Zones and Cities/Hospitals database is now available via APIs
        2. A wide range of new objects such as Part of Fortune, South Node, asteroids, fictitious planets, prenatal eclipses, etc are now supported by APIs
        3. Multiple utility functions added (10 utility functions and additional calculation settings functions, such as Vedic vargas)
        4. Ability to calculate house placements is implemented
        5. Sample files updated with examples that demonstrate how to produce planets listings, aspects listings, house listings, and so on
      13. New 13-houses house system
      14. Ability to show interpretations for all Lunar Mansion planet placements in one place
      15. Financial Astrology: data for Euronext markets in 6 countries:
        1. 637 companies in France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Spain and Portugal
        2. 951 first trade and IPO listing charts
        3. Historical price data for European (Euronext) and Indian markets added
        4. Ability to create financial charts for 5 more events: Cross-listings, Dual-Listings, Mergers, Spin-offs and Transfers
        5. Financial Astrology: Heliocentric and Topocentric transits for stock prices and cryptocurrencies

May 21st, 2018 

      1. Research. Ability to analyze chart groups using 13 criteria
      2. Vedic Business Astrology: Tarabalam
      3. Financial Astrology: Pivot points: 12 New Technical indicators
        • Fibonacci Support and Resistance
        • Standard Support and Resistance (3 levels)
        • Demark pivot points
      4. 6 new astro indicators
      5. Trading System - a set of unique and very powerful tools that allow to combine traditional technical analysis methods with astrology and astronomy based trading strategies
        • Ability to create and evaluate complex trading rules
        • Ability to combine technical indicators with linear astro indicators
        • Ability to combine technical indicators with astro events of unlimited complexity
        • Ability to evaluate your trading strategies vs buy and hold
        • Trading rules risks analysis
        • Ability to chart buy and sell signals produced by your trading strategies
        • Cash flow charts based on your trading strategies and buy and hold approach
      6. Two new technical indicators - this brings the total number of technical indicators to 93
      7. Day price previews on Candlestick and OHLC charts
      8. Cryptocurrency rates: 462 cryptocurrencies and 155 currencies added
      9. Ability to analyze portfolio charts for differences and commonalities

April 16th, 2018

      1. Dodekatemoria chart
      2. Planetary Sums:
        • Sums in Longitude
        • Sums in RA
        • Sums in Declination
        • Sums in Mundo
        • Sums in Azimuth
      3. Three new Page Designer components
      4. AstroCartoGraphy additions:
        • Ability to draw aspects to any planets on Maps
        • Ability to restrict aspects by Type and by Planets
        • Ability to draw Midpoints on Maps
        • Ability to draw Sums on Maps
      5. Financial Astrology: 79 technical indicators
      6. Financial Astrology: ability to combine technical indicators with transits/transit formulas

March 10th, 2018

      1. Financial Astrology: astro indicators
      2. Financial Astrology: Intra-Day data and astro indicators evaluation
      3. AstroCartography: 4 types of Geodetic Maps
      4. Ability to use Map Themes with Geodetic maps
      5. Ability to project any chart including derived charts on ACG, Local Space and Geodetic Maps
      6. Re-design of AstroCartography maps
      7. AstroCartography Synastry:
        1. Ability to create map themes for groups of charts
        2. Ability to create map themes for synastry charts, midpoints charts, etc.
      8. New Progressions rates for Aspects grids and linear graphics.

February 9th, 2018

      1. Financial Astrology:
        1. First Trades charts / Gann planetary support/resistance module
        2. Traditional Gann module: ability to combine multiple planetary lines
        3. Gann: Ability to combine helio- and geo-centric calculations for the same planets
        4. Astro indicators/price movements correlations statistical analysis
        5. Ability to filter buy/sell signals by days of the week and calendar months
        6. Three types of chart styles: Candlestick, OHLC, Area.
      2. Mundane Astrology: Ability to calculate planetary indexes using asteroids
      3. Mundane Astrology: Ability to calculate planetary indexes in any harmonic
      4. Map Themes for both AstroCartography and Local Space maps
      5. Advanced Map Theme Designer
      6. New training videos


December 27th, 2017

      1. Financial Astrology
        1. Bitcoin currency conversion and trading data
        2. Gann Planetary lines module
        3. Data Source updates
      2. Returns Animation
      3. Chart Analysis module
      4. Ability to save Transit Search criteria
      5. Aspects to House Cusps table
      6. New training videos by Christopher Warnock.

November 21th, 2017

      1. Animation module
        1. Transits Animation
        2. Progressions Animation
        3. Vedic Progressions Animation
        4. Animation through Tropical, Sidereal, 13 Signs, and Galactic Zodiac
        5. Animation through Vedic Nakshatras and Lunar Mansions
        6. Multiple rates of animation (day, week, month, year) and customizable speed.
      2. Vedic Astrology: Varga Viswa tables
        1. Varga Viswa,
        2. Shadvarga,
        3. Saptavarga,
        4. Dasavarga,
        5. Shodadasa Varga
      3. Great Attractor added to the Deep Sky database
      4. Multiple Financial/First Trade charts database updates.

October 7th, 2017

1. Primary Directions to Fixed Stars
2. Primary Directions: 7 new time keys including Brahe, Umar, Plantiko.
3. Primary Directions: traditional and neo-converse directions
4. Primary Directions: ability to filter by arc and to exclude Promissor latitude
5. New User Interface skin (mobile-friendly).
6. Vedic Astrology: Karakas (Jaimini Astrology)
7. Ability to filter arabic parts listing by text and by formulas of unlimited complexity.
8. New page designer components.
9. Stations table with the ability to create charts for station events.
10. Raw Goddess 13 house system variation.
11. Two new wheel styles.
12. Additions to Cities database, Time Zones database updates.
13. Financial Astrology: 50+ first trade horoscopes added.

May 24th, 2017

1. AstroApp is now available in French.
2. Diurnal Quadrants predictive technique
3. Ability to filter stars listing by text and by formulas of unlimited complexity.
4. Bergian 13-houses house system
5. Stats graph for Planets in 13 houses system
6. Planets in 13 House placement information added to the 13 Signs Planets Details table
7. Four new wheel styles for 13 Signs Zodiac and 13 Houses Bergian house system.
8. Vedic Astrology: Graha Drishtis
9. Vedic Astrology: Graha Sphuta
10. Four new page designer components
11. Additions to Cities database, Time Zones database updates.
12. Financial Astrology: Australian markets (stock prices) data feeds added.
13. Financial Astrology: 50+ first trade horoscopes added.

March 10th, 2017

1. Multi-charts interactive transit calendar
2. Ability to export Transit calendar views to PDF
3. Planetary Cycles module
4. Antiscion/Contra-Antiscion table
5. Jaimini Astrology: Rasi Drishti table
6. Two new Page Designer components.
7. Deep Sky module: recently discovered Trappist planetary system added.
8. AstroApp APIs: ability to calculate planets in Uranian Dials.
9. Financial Astrology: Research Events listing with Excel export capabilities
10. Financial Astrology for FOREX traders: ability to do research analysis for currency conversion rates.
11. Financial Astrology: ability to search for companies based on their first trade/IPO dates.
12. Atlas and time zone databases updates.

December 19th, 2016

1. AstroApp is now available in Hungarian.
2. Events Manager: Ability to save forecast charts, predictive events, custom events.
3. Progressed to Progressed listing.
4. Progressions to natal midpoints.
5. Ability to create interpretation reports using 13 Signs Zodiac.
6. AstroApp APIs: ability to set chart styles including Western and Vedic.
7. Mobile UIs: large menus automatically scrollables on smartphones.
8. Vedic Astrology: Kalachakra.
9. Single click chart creation for Moon Phases, Eclipses, Events, Ingresses.
10.Extended multi-language support for the Interpretation Report writer.
11. Time Zones and Cities database updates and additions.

November 16th, 2016

1. Multiple mobile UI enhancements for Android, iOS, Win smartphones and tablets.
2. Medical Astrology: ability to analyze charts using harmonics
3. Research: multiple new stats/graphs
4. Vedic Astrology: Karakamsa and Swamsa charts
5. New AstroApp APIs functionality: client-side functions for aspects and midpoints calculations and other utility functions.
6. Predictive Astrology: Developmental Ages module
7. Ability to mass-delete charts
8. Eight new Page Designer components.
9. Multiple additions to cities and time zone databases.
10.Financial Astrology: ability to search for first trade charts using harmonics/modulus values.
11.Improved Facebook login and Facebook app functionality integration

August 25th, 2016

      1. AstroApp is now available in Romanian.
      2. Medical Astrology features:
        1. Culpeper's herbal (321 herbs)
        2. Homeopathic Materia Medica (Boericke, 686 substances)
        3. Database of traditional acupuncture formulas
        4. ICD10 database of symptoms and diseases (~70,000 entries)
        5. Ability to define Culpeper's remedies for symptoms and diseases
        6. Ability to build complex medical astrology formulas, analyze charts and suggest diagnosis and remedies.
      3. Ability to add multiple objects to charts.
      4. Ability to add asteroids to chart with one click.
      5. Deep Sky: ability to search areas of sky for deep sky objects. Ability to search for conjunctions with deep sky objects.
      6. Ability to resize chart images to fit the screen.
      7. Financial Astrology: Ability to open charts directly from Portfolio list screen.
      8. Complete site re-design, enhanced mobile devices support.


March 10th, 2016

1. New Edition of AstroApp: Vedic Astrology
2. Ashtakavarga, Rekhas, Binashtakavarga
3. Sarvatobhadra
4. Panchanga
5. Vedic Dignities and Planetary relationships
6. Ashtakoota compatibility
7. Yogas editor and more than 100 predefined yogas
8 .KP Astrology, KP Horary
9. Vedic progressions: Bhrigu progressions, Dasha progressions, Vargas progressions
10. Muntha
11. Kala Hora
12. Special Vedic Points: Upagrahas, Lagnas, Arudhas, Sphutas
13. Graha Samaya
14. Vedic Settings
15. Advanced Vedic Transit Search Features
16. Ability to create interpretations for saved searches
17. Advanced Search additions: searches by stats, by placement in Nakshatras and Tropical Lunar mansions, by relative planetary placements, by Grahas Drishtis
18. And much much more...

December 4rd, 2015

      1. AstroApp is now available in Japanese.
      2. Mundane Astrology features:
        1. Traditional Great Conjunctions
        2. Mundane Time Lords
        3. Mundane Directions
        4. Mundane Profections
        5. Mighty Firdaria / Mundane Firdaria
        6. Modern Mundane Astrology: Planetary Cyclic Indexes
        7. Modern Mundane Astrology: Index Barbault
      3. Two new Year types for all Medieval time lords, Hellenistic Time lords and Vedic Dashas.
      4. One more dates format added (ISO dates).

October 21th, 2015

1. AstroApp is now available in Portuguese.
2. Local Space Maps (traditional and using Rhumb lines)
3. Ability to add any fixed star, arabic lot, any fictitious or special body and any point to charts.
4. Windows smartphones and SmartTV enhancements : add screenshots
5. Multi-wheels now support up to 5 charts
6. Black/White Multi-Wheels style (for book publishing)
7. Linear Transits: Ability to calculate transits in Signs using 30 pre-defined ayanamsas and User-defined ayanamsa values.
8. Fictitious Objects, Uranian/Hamburg Planets, Dark Stars, and Special Points tables: ability to toggle between 12 Signs and 13 Signs Zodiac added.
9. Exact time of the events added to the Advanced Transit Search results table.
10. Financial Astrology: Indian stock market added. 1528 First Trade charts for NSE market.
11. Indian stock prices data feeds added to Price Wheel, Stock prices Linear Transits, and Research modules.
12. Financial Astrology: ability to calculate Stock price transits and currency conversion rates transits in Signs using 30 pre-defined ayanamsas and User-defined ayanamsa values.
13. Financial Astrology: Research Module: ability to filter events by trading days (by week days).
14. Increased precision of 13 signs position calculations.


August 13th, 2015

1. Advanced Search module that allows building and saving chart search criteria of unlimited depth and complexity.
2. Advanced Financial Astrology charts scanning module.
3. Financial Astrology: currency conversion rates correlation with transits.
4. Financial Astrology: commodities added (prices, multiple versions of first trade horoscopes).
5. Financial Astrology: 30 new Industries and 3 Sectors added to all Financial Search filters.
6. Financial Astrology: ability to merge research results into single study.
7. Financial Astrology: ability to open first trade charts from search results with a single click.
8. Primary Directions table improvements.
9. PDF printing enhancements for the Dignities table.
10. Native UIs for iOS, Android, Win smartphones and tablets.

June 21st, 2015

1. UIs that automatically adapt to to tablets.
2. Ability to export any table to PDF.
3. Transits Search: Ability to choose output time between User Default and UTC time zones.
4. Timelords and Transits: Timelines and Calendars are now editable. You can add your custom events or modify found events when printing.
5. Major Timeline performance improvements (for all time lords and Vedic dashas).
6. Enhanced support for browsers that don't have UTF8 fonts installed.
7. 30+ first trade horoscopes added.

April 30th, 2015

1. Advanced Transits Search with the ability to generate Calendars and Timelines.
2. Declination Diagram and Tables according to Kt Boehrer.
3. New Declination Wheel style.
4. Midpoints in Declination.
5. New house system: Vehlow Nonagesmial RA.
6. Ability to export time lords tables into MS Excel.
7. Three new components added to the Page Designer.
8. Ability to log in with your Yahoo! account.
9. Financial Astrology 50+ companies and charts added or modified.

March 10th, 2015

AstroApp Facebook app and AstroApp Facebook Mobile app are released.

 February 10th, 2015

1. AstroApp is now available in Spanish.
2. Security - AstroApp is now protected with SSL.
3. Style Selector with thumbnail style previews
4. Sidereal Astrology: reversed houses with 13 signs charts.
5. Enhancements to the Gauquelin charts.
6. Four new traditional wheel styles.
7. New house system (Decanate/Incognito)
8. Ability to include modern planets in dispositor chains.
9. Settings for auto-fitting charts to any screen on any device
10. Ability to export chart in the Solar Fire 9 qck format.
11. Ability to export charts with non-English names.
12. Ten new astro fonts
13. 30 financial horoscopes added or modified.
14. Ability to share links to charts.

December 25th, 2014

1. Almuten Designer
2. Nineteen topical Almutens
3. Protocols: Dignities, Eminence, Slavery
4. 65 new Arabic Parts
5. Hellenistic Lots table
6. Thema Mundi chart
7. Ability to change drawing fonts
8. Multiple rules for Void of course Moon calculations
9. New 13-signs Zodiac style
10. New First Trade horoscopes
11. Four new Art Wheels
12. Decumbiture / crisis chart enhancements
13. New House System: AM Sidereah Hours.
14. Time Zone and Atlas updates.


November 18th, 2014

1. Financial Astrology: Advanced Research Module
2. Financial Astrology: Trading/Investment Strategies Module
3. Financial Astrology: Linear transits and price changes
4. Financial Astrology: Linear transits and trading volumes
5. Financial Astrology: Linear transits and market volatility
6. New First Trade horoscopes.

September 23rd, 2014

1. AstroApp has been translated into Tamil.
2. 3D Planetarium
3. 3D Styles Designer
4. New Financial horoscopes

August 9th, 2014

1. Fixed Star Elections module
2. Vertical Zodiac module
3. Major enhancements to AstroApp APIs
4. Special points listing (Vertex, Polar Asc, etc)
5. Decanates chart
6. House Cusps Details table
7. Speed direction indicators
8. Hellenistic methods of chart rulers calculation
9. Hephaistio and Vedic terms/bounds
10. Ability to use IC and Desc in Zodiacal Releasing
11. 75 new first trade horoscopes
12. 5 new Page Designer components
13. Events search for aspects in RA and Declination
14. Two new ayanamsas
15. Calculation range has been increased by thousands of years
16. Bi-Annual subscription with discounts

May 9th, 2014

1. Linear Progressions in longitude, latitude, and declination.
2. Progressions list (to radix, progressed stations, progressed ingresses in signs, houses, lunar mansions.
3. Ability to use arc factors in Planetary Arcs / non-primary directions.
4. One more progression rate added to both Progressions and Planetary Arcs.
5. Asc, MC, Vertex and Nodes arcs directions.
6. Basic Search results - you can now get group stats and object placement details for all found charts.
7. Linear Transits in:
    12 signs Zodiac
    13 signs Zodiac
     Modulus-based transits
8. Election by houses: you can use 3 more house systems: Morinus, Krusinski, and Whole Sign.
9. In Mundo aspects calculations are now available in two more house systems (Abenragel and Whole Sign).
10. Vedic / Sidereal Astrology: 6 new ayanamsas added:
11. Vedic and Sidereal Astrology: ability to use your own ayanamsa values.
12. Returns - ability to calculate all types of returns to arbitrary positions in Zodiac.
13. Hellenistic events and phenomena tables updates.
14. Italian translation has been significantly expanded and updated.
15. Financial astrology: 45 companies and first trade horoscopes added.
16. Financial astrology: Price wheel can now display trading volume data.
17. Time Zone updates, new time zones added for Antarctica.

March 6th, 2014

We opened an office in China!

New AstroApp Edition: Oriental Astrology
1. This Edition includes elements and techniques of the following traditions:
2. I Ching and Western Astrology correspondences
3. Chinese Astrology (ZI Wei Dou Shu and Pillars of Destiny)
4. Tibetan Astrology (mansions, mewas, forces)
5. Japanese Astrology (Sanmeigaku, Lo shu transits, medical projections)
6. Mongolian Astrology (Wheel of Buddha and related wheel styles)
and more
New features of existing AstroApp Editions:
1. Huber Astrology module
2. Several new wheel styles including reversed objects styles
3. New house system (MC-Mirror or Levitsky)
4. Vedic Astrology: Bindhu tables
5. Russian Astrology: house rulers according to Shestopalov
6. Relocation charts
7. 6 new rates for progressions and Solar/Planetary arcs
8  Triplicity rulerships according to Morinus and Schöner.
9. Outer planets added to AstroMaps
10. Financial Astrology: portfolios management

November 11th, 2013

1. Dark Stars module (dark stars charts, 20 new fictitious objects including Priapus and 3 versions of Lilith).
2. AstroDynes/Cosmodynes with advanced statistics/graphing functionality.
3. Aphelion, Perihelion and Descending nodes charts.
4. Financial Astrology: UK market first trade horoscopes (~60)
5. Financial Astrology: Canada markets first trade horoscopes ( more than 1,500).
6. 11 new Page Designer components.
7. Ability to create Eclipse events charts.
8. Ability to use House Rulers/dispositors in the Arabic Parts Editor
9. New Setting options (Peregrine rules and Exaltation systems).
10. 10,000 new deep sky objects.

September 29th, 2013

 1. AstroApp is now available in Italian!
2. Look and Feel customization - ability to change the way AstroApp looks, there are 12 different color/style schemes.
3. Ability to create Art pages and use custom images as background for Pages.
4. Fourteen new house systems (Charles Carter's Poli-Equatorial house system, M-houses, MC Whole Sign, and 11 types of Planets Houses).
5. Four new wheel styles.
6. Epoch Charts - ability to adjust ASC/MC based on the position of the natal Moon. Support for Alexander Marr's and Trutine of Hermes (simplified) methods.
7. Primary directions: 8 new symbolic time keys including Carter's Duodenary, Sub-Duodenary, Quinary, Septenary, Novenary, Symbolic Moon, Meyer's self-measure, etc.
8. Two new Sign rulership systems added: (Esoteric and Hierarchical).
9. Tree of Life (with the ability to create it using Traditional, MOdern, Esoteric, and Hierarchical rulership schemes.
10. Tobey Secondary Chart.
11. Medical Astrology: Anatomy correlation for planetary positions (Eberting, Rosicrucian).
12. List of New and Full Moons with the ability to sort by SuperMoons.
13. Phaethon - new fictitious planet not available elsewhere. This is the planet that disintegrated and formed the Asteroids belt between Jupiter and Mars.
14. In-Mundo aspects - ability to calculate in-mundo aspects in 11 house systems.
15. Arc Transform - one more method of calculation Harmonic Arc Transform charts added.
16. Septenary Diagram (C. Castanier).
17. Rudhyar Ages Table.
18.  Huber Age Point - ability to progress any Age point in addition to Huber's method of ASC progression.
19. Traditional/Medieval method of Temperament evaluation.
20. Nodes/Apsides table will show positions of all objects in Zodiacal degrees.
21. Financial Astrology: ability to generate lists of planetary positions for stocks and then export them to CSV, MS Excel and XML files.
22. Financial Astrology: ability to restrict stock searches by markets.

 August 12th, 2013

New version of AstroApp is released!
1. AstroApp is now available in Greek.
2. Deep Sky Astrology - galaxies, stars, even extra-solar planets and planet candidates - more than 7.25 million objects in total!
3. Points Explorer.
4. Cyril Fagan's Novenic Chart (also known as Sexascope).
5. Edmund Jones Primary Directions.
6. Annual Divisions time lord techniques (according to Valens, Firmicus, and Junctinus).
7. Two new Firdaria methods - Al-Biruni/Schoener and no nodal variations.
8. Prenatal Lunation charts.
9. Planetary Nodes chart.
10. One more chart data entry screen - simplified for smartphones.
11. Collaboration - ability to share AstroScribe reports between Basic/Pro/Financial Editions subscribers. Ability for more than one user to update and add to shared AstroScribe reports. Basic, Pro, Financial. The feature is designed for Online Astrology Schools that use AstroApp.
12. Antiscion Declination Analogue transformation charts.
13. Financials: UAE First trade and incorporation charts for Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets.
14. Financials: companies search: ability to restrict searches to Hong Kong and UAE markets added.
15. New User Settings tab: Privacy.
16. New Page Designer component for Traditional use of Lunar Mansions. As per Christopher Warnock suggestion, this component will replace the Lunar Mansions table in the Traditional page.
17. Circular Transits chart with Lunar Phase indicators.
18. Circular Transits wheels will now be able to show transits for major asteroids
19. Free edition - results pane is enabled
20. Four new chart styles. Three of the styles are black and white and they have been optimized for publishing charts in printed books.
21. Ability to show and hide chart info on/from the chart image.
22. Traditional Page election module (Basic, Pro, and Financial Editions).


July 8th, 2013

Financial Astrology

New case study by Bill Meridian on the importance of MC in the horoscopes of First trade charts is published.


June 29th, 2013

New AstroApp release!

1. Planet-Centered Charts.

2. Asteroid-Centered Charts. Ability to create asteroid-centered charts for all available asteroids (100,000+).

3. Asteroid-Zodiac Charts.

4. Ephemeris Generator: ability to view results in Ecliptic and Equatorial coordinates.

5. Five methods of Monthly Divisions (Medieval and Hellenistic techniques according to Robert Zoller, Lucas Gauricus, Haly ibn-Ridwan, and so on).

6. Planetary relationships. 10 types of Medieval and Hellenistic planetary relationships (generosity, pushing nature, pushing power, advancement, retreat, etc.).

7. MultiWheels: ability to use any charts from the current session with or without the currently selected base chart.

8. Two new wheel styles (European and US Proportional).

9. Ability to calculate fixed stars positions in Sidereal and Galactic Zodiac.

10. Aspects Settings changes:

   10.1. All Aspects settings have been consolidated under a new Settings tab.

   10.2. New option for aspects highlighting based on quadratic proportion to the orb tightness.

   10.3. New Aspects Setting: ability to hide and show aspects' glyphs.

11. Ability to specify sex of the chart (Male, Female, or Event).


May 18th, 2013

New Edition of AstroApp:Financial Gold!
This edition includes all the features of AstroApp Pro plus a brand new Financial Astrology module.
1. Bill Meridian's database of First Trade Charts (US, Hong Kong, and Australian markets).
2. Multiple techniques from Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading III book.
3. Close of day stock prices/volume data.
4. Historical data for USA markets.
5. Stock charts/graphs with multiple types of transits.
6. Advanced search (planetary portfolios).
7. Database of 8,080+ companies with ability to create your own charts for various events (Results Announcements, First Trade, Incorporation, etc).
8. Regular database updates.
and more


May 14, 2013

Major new release of AstroApp Pro, Basic, and Free Editions:
1. Revolutionary Page Designer
2. Six new pre-defined pages (Vedic, 13-Signs, All Stats, midpoints collection, etc)
3. Election/Rectification tool enhancements
4. Aspects highlighting based on various criteria
5. Ability to export/import user settings
6. Ability to define house axis in multiWheels
7. Hyleg and Alcocoden (Bonatti/Zoller)
8. Four new European Chart Styles
9. Major additions to our cities/places database
10. Latest time zones updates
11. New dignities scoring system (according to Christopher Warnock, Esq.)
12. Combustion criteria customization
and more.


April 15th, 2013.

New Edition: AstroApp Traditional Basic!

New Features of AstroApp Pro:
1. Five MultiZodiac wheels
   Tropical/Sidereal/13 Signs
   Tropical/Galactical/13 Signs
2. Four new wheel styles
3. Three methods of Galactic Center calculation
4. Four new House Systems:
   Dominion house system (one more 8-houses System)
   Equal from Vertex
   Equal from Equatorial ASC
   Equal from Polar ASC
5. Transit Interpretation reports by Bob Makransky.
6. ManyWheels - ability to display unlimited number of charts on a single page.
7. Horary: Considerations before Judgment.
8. Traditional Astrology Page
9. Vedic Astrology: padas in Nakshatra table
and more...

March 14th, 2013.

1. Vedic Astrology:
  Chara Dasa
  Vedic and Sripati House System
  Lunar houses transits
2. Twelve types of Lunar Mansions:
  Arabic Manzils
  Medieval Mansions variations
  Tibetan Gyukars
  Chinese Hsius
  Fixed stars based
3. Generalized Planetary Hours
4. New art wheels and wheel styles
5. Interpretations for Mansions, Fixed Stars, Mansion ingresses
6. Galactic ephemerides generator
7. Timeline maps with print previews for Hellenistic time lords

February 6th, 2013.

1. Customizable AstroCalendar.
2. Timeline views (Time maps of Transits).
3. Charts' groups analysis/stats.
4. Mundoscopes.
5. Locality Charts.
6. Superimposed and Equilibrium charts.
7. Hellenistic Time Lords: 129 Year System, Lunar Monomoiria, Balbillus method, Valens and Hephaistio decennials, 3 new Bounds systems.
8. Medieval astrology: Umar al-Tabari Profections, Lord of the Turn method, degrees qualities, receptions by Sign Agreement.
9. Vedic astrology: Muhurtas.
10. Coordinates Transformation charts.
11. And more...

December 20th, 2012.

1. Ophiuchus and 13-signs Zodiac support.
2. Persian Directions.
3. Periodic Directions.
4. Planetary Arcs. Solar, Lunar, and Planetary Arcs (with the option to choose from 16 progression calculation rates).
5. Major Returns enhancements (Phase Returns, Kinetic, Wynn Key, Precessed, Harmonic Returns, Returns for major asteroids and so on).
6. Ingresses in Signs, Terms/Bounds, Houses, Lunar Mansions and individual degrees for 5 major asteroids and Rahu.
7. Event search for 5 major asteroids and Rahu.
8. New table of placements of all major planets in all major house systems.
9. Ability to search for transits when transiting planets form partile aspects.
10. Solar Eclipse paths maps - Google Maps with solar eclipse paths.
11. Age and Age+1 Harmonics charts.

November 20th, 2012

1. Ability to share charts and reports on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and other social networks and blogs.
2. AstroScribe - innovative tool that combines benefits of the PageDesigner and ReportWriter tools.
3. Clients Management System with Skype integration and ability to share consultation notes with clients in real time.
4. Twenty Art Wheels.
5. Favorite charts - ability to save frequently used charts in Favorites.
6. 80,000 asteroids added, you can now use 100,000 asteroids in your practice.
7. Multiple enhancements for Election and New Chart data screens.
8. Animated 3D models of the Ecliptic at different latitudes and of the annual Sun movement through the Zodiac.
9. Help enhancements including our first video tutorial for the AstroScribe.

October 15th, 2012.

1. Three new house systems.
2. Four new chart styles.
3. New fictitious planets used by Dutch school of Ram (WvA).
4. Hellenistic chart rulers
5. Major additions to the Transits Lists module (Transit to Transit, Stations in Latitude, Transits to House cusps and so on).
6. Speed % values
7. Ability to add the Part of Fortune to most of the charts and tables.
8. Epoch Charts tool (based on the Trutine of Hermes)
9. New simplified Chart Data entry form.
And more...

September 8th, 2012

New features and improvements:
1. TimeZones and Locations database updates: 15,000+ hospitals added.
2. Seven new Wheel chart styles.
3. Transits list screen - ability to change orbs by degrees and by % values.
4. Joy condition added to the Dignities Complete table.
5. Lunar phases transits (Lunar Time Tunnel).
6. MultiWheels support for Tri- and Quad- wheels (in addition to current Bi-Wheels charts).
7. Dane Rudhyar's quadrants ages.
8. Huber's ProLuna wheel.
9. Ability to specify start dates for Solar and Lunar eclipses search.
10. Start date of the Linear and Circular (Time Tunnel) transits will now be shown in the chart details section.
11. Updated and expanded help files.
12. Various graphics and UI improvements.
and more...

July 15, 2012

1. Two new wheel styles - Lunar Mansions with Arabic notation and Music charts.
2. Transits list: ability to exclude both the Sun and the Moon, and planets from luminaries through Mars from the search.
3. Transits list: ability to specify aspect sets (all that are defined in User Settings/Settings).
4. Ability to toggle between the natal place and default places added to most of the Forecast modules.
5. Events search: ability to specify start date.
6. Midpoint Trees with modulus and orb controls.
7. Synastry Aspects grid with planetary distances.

July 7, 2012

New Features
1. Transits hit list.
2. Ingresses enhancements:
  2.1 Relocated ingresses
  2.2 Ingresses to Arabic Lunar Mansions.
  2.3 Ability to specify ingress start date as opposed to only using natal date/time.
  2.4 House ingresses - ability to override currently selected chart's house system.
  2.5 House ingresses - ability to convert equal house systems from planets to whole sign house systems from planets. This feature increases number of house systems that can be used with ingresses from 29 to 40.
3. Huber Age Point Wheel chart.
4. Midpoint Trees
5. Midpoints in Mundo - midpoints based on the location within houses as opposed to locations in Zodiac.
6. Midpoints in Equatorial coordinates system.
7. Midpoints in Horizontal coordinates system.
8. Enhanced charts graphics.
9. Linear and Circular transits - ability to specify start dates for the search. Natal positions will also be marked with thin dash lines.
10. New Hellenistic time lord technique - Quarters of the Moon.

July 4, 2012

Major new features:

1. AstroApp APIs. This is a major update and will allow users to embed and reuse some of the AstroApp functionality on their own web sites.
The APIs are structured similarly to Google APIs, use standard web technologies and are extendable.
Users will now be able to control and restrict API usage to a certain URL (to prevent misusing APIs).
The APIs will run on any static html web site and don't require any server side coding.
2. Dynamic transit wheel - this modules provides users with the ability to move transiting planets superimposed on any currently selected chart.
3. Ability to set the default chart style.
4. Converse ingresses (this is available for both free and paying users).
Other updates and changes:
5. Import upload progress indicator added.
6. Import confirmation error message now mentions that the newly imported charts are available in the Chart/Open menu.
7. Import / File Upload dialog will now have a hint explaining that Coordinates, House System and Ayanamsa will be inherited from the default User Settings.
8. Planets Inward style - minor UI adjustments.
9. Minor performance improvements for the Solar Returns Distributions charts.

June 22, 2012

1. Vedic astrology: twenty Vargas (divisional charts) added, 2 versions of EkaDashamsha calculation.
2. Dashas: Vimshottari dasha, and also Naisargikka, and Niryana (2 methods of calculation) Jaimini dashas added.
3. Zodiacal Releasing - one of the most important Hellenistic time lord techniques. Ability to use any Part of
Fortune, Part of Spirit and any planet as the Releaser. Ability to define 4 types of year length.
4. Ability to create user-defined lots using the Lot of Spirit.
5. 5 new Hellenistic lots added.
6. Chart data entry form - simplified mobile version.

June 16, 2012

One Year Annual subscription price reduced to $64.56 !

June 15, 2012

1. Solar Return Distributions (circumambulations or directions through bounds). This technique is added based on
the UAC 2012 presentation by Ben Dykes, PhD.
2. Planetary Ages. Ancient Hellenistic time lords technique described by Ptolemy.
3. Decennials. Another Hellenistic time lords technique found in works of Vettius Valens and Firmicus Maternus.
4. Ability to search pre-calculated charts by planetary positions in signs and houses.
5. On-demand encryption. Ability to store your clients’ charts information in an encrypted format.

June 10, 2012

1. Ability to enter USA States in data entry screens.
2. Uranian Dials with pointers/midpoints.
3. Ability to add all 8 Uranian planets to all the charts and to the relevant tables.
4. Aspects information added to the Distributions (Directions through Bounds).
5. Multibytes and bi-directional languages support for the charts data screens and the search screen. You will now
be able to enter chart names and descriptions in multibyte languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and so
on. You will also be able to print charts in HTML and Microsoft Word formats using multibyte characters.
6. Aspects glyphs added to all the charts styles where aspects can be drawn.
7. New Wheel Style for Bounds (Terms).
8. Several new help files added.
9. Added 16 more objects to the Releasers list in the Distribution form. You can now use modern planets and
asteroids in addition to the traditional releasers such as the Luminaries, Prenatal Lunation or Part of
10. Ability to add outer planets, asteroids and Uranian planets to the Anatomical projections.

May 15, 2012

1. New Wheel style that will display planetary information inwards.
2. Quick file format export. Ability to export charts in the *.qck format added.
3. Chart data entry screen – ability to enter coordinates in both lower and upper case formats.
4. Charts search. Ability to search saved charts by the Name and Event Type.

April 30, 2012

1. Golden sections charts. This is a modern technique based on the work of Theodor Landscheidt. You can create
golden section charts based on different axis (starting points), based on minor and major golden sections.
Additionally, you can select between the traditional aspects and golden section aspects.
2. Events Search. Ability to search for various events such as aspects, ingresses that occurred in the past or
going to occur in the future.
3. Converse Solar, Lunar, and planetary returns.

Feb 22, 2012

1. Level of Being (Falak and Nujum). This is a medieval magic method described by Agrippa.
2. Spirit Names. This is another medieval magic techniques found in Agrippa’s Occult Philosophy and in works of
Robert Zoller.
3. House Almutems listing.
4. Mutual Receptions (including negative receptions) listings.

Jan 15, 2012

1. Distributions (also known as ascensional directions or circumambulations). Medieval method of directions as
described by Ben Dykes, PhD in his Persian Nativities translations.
2. New Dignities wheel style.

Dec 07, 2011

1. Elections module. Ability to move the chart in real time and track essential dignities changes.
2. Two modes of Print Previews and printing.
3. Ability to upload custom images and set them as charts’ background.

Nov 18, 2011

License agreement updated.

October 14, 2011

1. New pane with chart details added. Ability to show and hide this pane.
2. Basic features toolbar with the ability to show and hide it based on user preferences.
3. BiWheels for all the remaining wheel types (in addition to transits and synastries).
4. Charts Statistics based on traditional debilities (Fall and Detriment).

June 17, 2011

1. Dispositors chains.
2. New chart Statistics based on all traditional dignities.
3. Heliacal Events.
4. Heliacal Phenomena.
5. TimeZones atlas updated.
6. UI adjustments and bug fixes.