Estamos encantados de anunciar una nueva versión de AstroApp!


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New Release of AstroApp

We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!

Major new features in this release include:

  • Multiple new Medical Astrology features.
  • Deep Sky module enhancements.
  • AstroApp is now available in Romanian!
  • Complete re-design of our site, multiple enhancements for mobile devices.

New Features in each Edition:

Free, Traditional Basic, Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

  1. All Editions of AstroApp including Facebook Apps are now available in Romanian.

AstroApp Traditional Basic:

  1. Nodes aspects removed from the Traditional Page.

AstroApp Pro and Financial Gold:

Medical Astrology module:

  1. Databases of Remedies:
    • Culpeper's Herbal (321 herbs)
    • Homeopathy remedies: Boericke's Materia Medica (686 remedies)
    • Traditional Acupuncture formulas (110+ formulas)
  2. Medical symptoms and diseases reference: the complete ICD10 database (69,823 entries).
  3. Medical Astrology: Charts analysis and diagnostics
    • Ability to link astrological criteria to diseases and provide automated diagnostic analysis for charts.
  4. Medical Astrology: Remedies suggestions
    • Culpeper's herbs suggestions based on linked astrological criteria
    • Homeopathic remedies suggestions.
    • Acupuncture formulas suggestions.
  5. Ability to add multiple objects to charts.
  6. Ability to add asteroids to charts with one click.
  7. Deep Sky Module:
    • Ability to search areas of the sky for Deep Sky objects (stars, galaxies, exoplanets, etc).
    • Ability to search for close conjunctions with Deep Sky objects.
    • 15,000+ new objects added.
  8. Ability to resize chart images to fit the screen.
  9. Multiple additions to the cities/locations database.
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Financial Gold Edition:

  1. More than 80 US companies added or updated.
  2. Ability to open companies charts directly from the Portfolio screen.