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Annonce. La nouvelle version AstroApp!

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La boite à outil nouvelle génération pour les Astrologues Professionels


A propos de AstroApp, logiciel d'Astrologie

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AstroApp Traditional Basic

Astrology Software set for Beginner Astrologers! 
  • Ideal for Traditional Astrologers on a budget.
  • Full access to the most important traditional astrology features.
  • Access to AstroScribe.
  • Access to AstroMaps.
1 Year Plan



AstroApp Pro

Astrology Software set for Professional Astrologers! 
  • Full access to all AstroApp features except Financial module.
  • Stay current with the latest software releases and new product enhancements.
  • Access to our Private and Public forums.
  • Access to AstroMaps.

From $12.99



AstroApp Financial Gold

AstroApp Pro plus Financial Astrology module 

This is the ultimate Edition of AstroApp that combines all features of AstroApp pro with a revolutionary Astro Financial module.
1. Access to all the features of AstroApp Pro!

2. Access to the Financial Astrology module:

  • Bill Meridian's database of more than 2,110 First trade charts for US and ASX markets.
  • Multiple techniques from Bill Meridians Planetary Stock Trading book.
  • Comprehensive stock charts search module with advanced Boolean search rules.
  • Current stock prices and trading volume charts with a wide range of astrological indicators (charts are based on market end of day/closing prices).
  • Ability to add First Trade, Incorporation and other charts to more than 6,700 companies.
  • Regular First trades charts database updates.

        3. Access to our Private and Public forums.

From $49.97



AstroApp Free

Astrology Software set for Beginner and Professional Astrologers! 
  • Life time access to a limited set of AstroApp features.
  • Access to our public forums.
  • Access to AstroMaps.
  • No access to our Private Forums.
Unlimited time
No credit cards required