We are pleased to announce a new release of AstroApp!


The next generation tool set for Professional Astrologers



  •   AstroApp provides you with a set of JavaScript APIs that can be used to add charting functionality to your web sites. All you need to know is basic HTML and basic JavaScript. APIs do not require any kind of server side coding (such as PHP, CGI, C#, and so on). The AstroApp APIs currently support 5 House Systems, Geocentric and Heliocentric coordinates, Tropical Zodiac, and Sidereal Zodiac with 3 Ayanamsa calculation variations.

    AstroApp APIs include the following features:
    • Ability to include AstroApp charts in your web sites.
    • Let your web site users generate charts based on various calculation parameters
    • Get XML data feeds with the following information:
      • Planets: Longitude, Latitude, Speed for all major planets, asteroids, fictitious planets, Part of Fortune, and also selected pre-natal events (such as pre-natal eclipses)
      • Houses: House cusps positions
      • Aspects: planets in major aspects with additional information such as applying vs separating aspects indicators, aspect values and so on
      • Time Zones: access to AstroApp database of cities and AstroApp database of time zone changes
    • Ability to use different chart styles including Western wheels and Vedic square charts.
    • Client Side JavaScript APIs:
      • Midpoints calculation
      • Aspects between two objects calculation
      • House placements
      • Sign placements
      • Aspects / distances
      • Various utility and formatting functions

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