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Deep Sky Astrology

  • Deep Sky explorer
    deep sky astroscribe
    Deep Sky and the Point Explorer
    deep sky explorer
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    Deep Sky objects
    deep sky
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    Deep Sky Astrology is a revolutionary module that allows you to incorporate virtually any known object into your astrological practice.
    Altogether, there are more than 7,250,000 objects available including:
    • Fixed Stars
    • Star Clusters
    • Galaxies
    • Nebulae
    • Black Holes
    • Quasars
    • Extra solar planets and planet candidates

    Newly discovered objects are being added regularly.
    Photographs for most of the objects (and/or of the corresponding areas of the sky)

    final galaxy
    Star Clusters
    final galaxy2
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    final galaxy3
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     Fixed Stars Searching/Filtering
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