We are pleased to announce a new release of AstroApp!


The next generation tool set for Professional Astrologers



    1. AstroApp supports several Astrological Maps. The main technique also known as A*C*G™, Astrocartography™, Astro*Carto*Graphy™, Astro-geography and Astro-Mapping, was originally pioneered by Brigadier Firebrace, and then later popularized by Jim Lewis.
    2. Local Space Astro Maps (using classical method and the method of Rhumb lines).
    3. Geodetic Maps (in Longitude and RA)
    4. Johndro Maps  (in Longitude and RA)
    5. Maps of Solar Eclipse paths (2 centuries of data).
    6. Ptolemaic Climes.
    7. Chorography according to Bonatti.
    8. Theme Maps
    9. Map Themes editor. Ability to create your own theme maps, use custom points, asteroids, arabic parts, etc with AstroCartoGraphy and Local Space maps.
    10. Synastry Maps and Group Maps - ability to combine multiple charts on a single map.
    11. Ability to project any chart on the Map, including derived charts such as Midpoints synastry, Returns, Progressed charts, etc.
    12. Ability to project charts with any custom objects on Maps (such as asteroids, stars, fictitious planets, Arabic parts, Dark Stars and so on).
    13. Additionally, there is also a Map of Earthquakes. This map displays the most recent earthquakes with magnitude of 7 or higher superimposed on the planets rising/setting and MC/IC transit lines.
    Phaethon on the Atro map Synastry Map Theme: Moon from 2 charts
    acg with phaethon map synastry acg
    Synastry Map Theme Synastry Geodetic Map
    acg synastry map synastry geodetic
    Geodetic Map Group Charts Selector
    geodetic astro map chart group select

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