Oriental Astrology

  • I Ching

    iching picto 001 Set of unique methods that allow you to use modern Western Astrology along with the traditional Chinese astrology and I Ching divination.

    I Ching Charts:
    • I Ching Zodiac
    • I Ching Progressions
    • I Ching anchored Zodiac
    • I Ching and 13 Signs Zodiac
    • I Ching hexagrams correspondences between Planets, Houses, Signs, and Degree ranges.
     I Ching Progressions
    I Ching Progressions
  • Chinese

    oriental chinese zodiac 001 Pillars of Destiny
    Purple Star Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu):
    • Traditional Zi Wei Chart
    • ZI Wei Dou Shu Interpretations by Y.M. Lim
    • ZI Wei star magnitudes

    Solar Terms chart
    Di Zhi table (Earthly Branches and Hours)
    4 methods of Chinese Hsiu calculations:

    • Chinese (actual and notional)
    • Tibetan (equal and sidereal)

    Chinese styles:

    • Zodiac
    • I Ching
    • Notional Chinese Hsiu wheel


  • Japanese

    loshu female 001
    • Sanmeigaku Chart (primary chart including rest periods, aspects, and brief interpretations)
    • Anatomical Lo Shu Projections (Male and Female)
    • Medical Lo Shu Transits
  • Mongolian

    oriental buddha wheel red 001 Zurkhai (Mongolian Astrology) tradition is represented by the Buddha's Wheel charts and interpretations.


  • Tibetan

    oriental tibetan astrology 001  Tibetan Astrology

    • Start and planetary forces
    • Parkhas for days and years
    • Mewas
    • Tibetan lunar mansions wheel style