Interpretation Reports

  • Reports

    1. Multiple Natal Reports:
      • Evolutionary Astrology Natal Report by Abigail Craig
      • Natal interpretation report by Kitty Bonny (ready-to-print/styled)
      • Additional Natal reports by various authors
      • Sun Sign interpretations
      • 13-signs Astrology Natal reports in English and Spanish
    2. Transits:
      • Transit to Transit report
      • Transit to Natal charts
    3. 20 brightest fixed stars (natal aspects)
    4. Horary Interpretation report
      1. Medical Degrees report by Reinhold Ebertin
      2. Degrees interpretations by Dane Rudhyar
      3. Degrees interpretations by Edmund Jones
      4. Degrees of Zodiac by Nicholas De Vore
    5. Three Sabian Degrees interpretation report
    6. Horary Degrees interpretation report
    7. Lunar Mansions (multiple traditional sources)
    8. Ingresses in Tropical Lunar Mansions
      1. Horary Astrology: House rulers in Houses report
      2. Natal report: house lords in houses
      3. Sun placements in Decanates
    9. Vedic Lunar House Transits
    10. Zi Wei Purple Star interpretation (Oriental Edition)
    11. Sanmeigaku chart houses interpretation (Oriental Edition)


    Our Authors:
    Bob Makransky: Transit to natal, Fixed Stars aspects
    Abigail Craig: Natal and Solar return reports
    Kitty Bonny: Natal reports
    Pedro De Damborenea: Planets and Planetoids in 13 Signs and houses (reports in English and Spanish)
    Eric Seligson: 13-Sign reports
    Paul Hysen: multiple reports
    D.J.Mullen: the sun-sign report
    Allen Edwall ( free natal report
    M. Heindel: natal reports
    Y. Lim: oriental astrology
    Multiple medieval sources: lunar mansions interpretations

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  • Interpretations Editor

    Interpretations Editor1
    interpretations editor
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    Interpretations Editor2
    interpretations editor2 
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    AstroApp allows you to create your own Interpretation reports in any language. The reports will be produced in HTML format based on your design. You can change alignment font, font size, color, style of any text. And you can customize general reports information and interpretations for the following factors:
    • Degree
    • Decanate (Face)
    • Terms (Bounds
    • Quadrant
    • Hemisphere
    • Element
    • Mode
    • Aspect
    • Lunar phase
    • House
    • Sign
    • Point/Celestial body
    • Point in House
    • Point in Sign
    • Point in Term (Bound)
    • Point in Face (Decanate)
    • Point in Aspect
    • Point without any aspects
    • Sign on house cusp
    • Midpoint in Sign
    • Dispositor of a Planet
    • Rulers of the Houses in other Houses 
    • Objects in 13 Signs
    • Objects in 13 Houses
    Fixed Stars interpretations
    fixed stars interps
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    Tibetan Lunar Mansions interpretations
    tibetan mansions interps
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    Medieval Lunar Mansions Interpretations
    lunar mansions interps
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    Transits to Natal Charts
    interp transits
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