AstroApp: New Release!

We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!
Major new features:

  • Natal Events Searches
  • Advanced Profections: 19 methods of Hellenistic, Medieval Persian, Arabic, and modern methods. Mundane Profections, Natal and Horary Profections.
  • Uneven and 13 sign Zodiac variations support in tables
  • Financial Astrology: Research profitability evaluation

New Features in each Edition:

AstroApp Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

  1. Advanced Transits and Ingresses Search module:
    • Ability to search for specific aspects to planets and major asteroids
    • Ability to search for activation times of midpoints and planetary sums
    • Ingresses in houses, activation of house sensitive points. Both 12-house and 13-house systems supported
    • Ability to build and save complex event searches
    • Ability to create interpretations and ratings for events searches
  2. Advanced Profection module:
    • Nine medieval Persian and Arabic Profection methods, events listing table
    • Re-designed Basic Profection module (new types of profections, house rulers)
  3. Mundane Profections. 10 types of medieval Arabic and Persian Mundane profections added
  4. Egyptian Lord of the Turn Time Lords table and corresponding Time Map
  5. New almuten and traditional scoring systems according to Mashallah and Ptolemy
  6. Directions through Bounds:
    • Qisma calculation method added
    • Ability to save periods and sub-periods changes to the Events database
  7. Void of Course Moon: 5 calculation methods added (bringing the total number of options to 8). Methods are based on Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance and Modern traditions
  8. 13 signs Astrology:
    • Planetary positions in 13 houses added to the Planets Details table
    • Ability to search for ingresses in 13 houses (Bergian and Lovelace systems)
    • Ability to convert 12 signs longitude to 13 signs positions by default in most tables
  9. Uneven Zodiac variations: 7 Zodiac variations that use uneven 12 signs divisions
  10. Research Module: ability to analyze charts and chart groups by Sign Pairs stats
  11. ACG Maps: clicking on the planetary lines will now bring up details for those lines
  12. New Page Designer components
  13. More tables can now be exported as Excel and XML files
  14. Nonagesimal MC and IC added to the Special Points table
  15. Updated Spanish and Portuguese translations
  16. Time Zones and Cities database updates.
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profections advanced  
AstroApp API Edition:
  1. REST APIs: Ability to filter Progression listings by date ranges.

Financial Gold Edition:

  1. Heliocentric and Topocentric Planetary Cycles
  2. Research Module: trades profitability analysis (both Long and Short trading strategies are supported)
  3. Astrological Group Analysis of Portfolios
  4. Ability to delete imported charts
  5. Ability to delete companies from Portfolios
  6. 105 new first trade charts added, 30+ trade charts updated.
financial research financial research profitability testing

Biggest AstroApp releases in years!

We are very excited to announce one of our biggest AstroApp releases in years!

Major new features:

  • Mundane Astrology and Machine Learning:
    • AstroCartography of the World Events
    • AstroCartography of the World Population Mood
    • World Instability timeline
    • Database of Mundane Horoscopes
    • Coronavirus and Earthquakes Geodetic maps
  • Jayne's Progressions
  • Relocation Finder
  • New REST APIs
  • Complete redesign of the site (including reduced price trials, new payment methods and more)

New Features in each Edition:

AstroApp Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

1. World Events AstroCartography. This is a revolutionary module that allows plotting world events in real time on ACG and Geodetic astro maps. The module relies on machine learning, natural language processing and face recognition technologies to identify breaking news and classify them by search keywords, by tone, mood, etc. You can now search for the latest world events, review them on ACG maps, Geodetic maps and Johndro maps. You can study events clustering using aspects, midpoints and planetary sums. You can also search for news based on the mood criteria (such as smiling faces dominating the coverage, sad or neutral faces in the crowds), and based on tone of the news coverage across the globe. All found events are clickable so that you can navigate to the source of each event hit.
2. World Instability timeline graph.
3. Astrological mapping of the Coronavirus pandemic. Real-time COVID-19 cases spread tracking on Geodetic Maps (traditional and Johndro).
4. Astro-mapping of Earthquakes: the ability to view earthquakes on Geodetic maps added.
5. Database of World Events charts (1,120+ charts): horoscopes of historical figures, inaugurations, countries, US States, US Cities, USA diplomatic relationships with other countries.
6. Relocation Finder: this module allows you to preview relocated charts and find best places in the World to relocate.
7. Jayne's Progressions: Solar Declination Progressions according to Charles Jayne.
8. Re-designed Elections/Rectification module.
9. Completely re-worked Dynamic Transits screen.
10. Dirah Academy features:
     10.1. Vedic Astrology: Dirah Bala.
     10.2. Western Astrology: Planetary Strength.
11. AstroApp is now translated into Arabic.
12. French, Italian, Tamil translation updates.
13. Two new Page Designer components.
14. More than 1 million locations added (including military bases, historical places, populated unincorporated areas, etc).
15. Time Zones changes history for more than 2 million locations updated.
16. Online Help articles now include Bibliographical references.

smiling faces astrology world events astrocartography
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mundane instability protests astrology relocation tool
dynamic transits election rectification
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AstroApp Vedic Edition:

1. Dirah Academy: Vedic Planetary Strength.

AstroApp API Edition:
1.1. Multiple customization parameters for charts creation.
1.2. Abilities to search for locations by names and by geographical coordinates.
1.3. REST API for Transits to Natal and Transits To Transits Listings.
1.4. REST APIs for Progressions.
1.5. REST APIs for statistics (By Sign and By House).
1.6. REST APIs for Traditional Dignities.
2. JavaScript APIs: geographical location proximity searches.
Financial Gold Edition:
financial astrology planets cycles

1. Composite Planetary Cycles. Ability to research planetary cycles correlations with stock prices and currency exchange rates.
2. Research Module: Ability to restrict trading events by Zodiac Signs
3. 70+ new first trade charts added (USA markets) along with multiple historical charts.
4. 60+ companies added.
5. 55+ companies updated.