AstroApp: New Release!

We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!

The most prominent features are:

  • AstroApp is now available in Tamil!
  • 3D Planetarium
  • 3D Styles Designer

New Features in each Edition:

  • Free Edition:
    1. Ability to switch languages with a single mouse click.
    2. Brand new Look and Feel.
  • Traditional Basic, Pro, and Financial Gold:
    1. New default Look and Feel.
  • Pro and Financial Gold Editions:
    1. Introducing 3D Planetarium and 3D Styles Designer!
      • Intuitive rotation and search functionality
      • Constellations according to Western, Vedic, Chinese, Arabic, Egyptian, Aztec, Navajo and Polynesian traditions
      • Superimpose Tropical Zodiac, Sidereal Zodiac, 13 Signs Zodiac, Lunar Mansions and Vedic Nakshatras on the realistic 3D Sky
      • Fully customizable: more than 40 settings
      • Ability to create and save your own 3D Styles
3D designerAstronomy 3D designerZodiac
3D 13 Signs 3D ChineseAstrology
3D Nakshatras Vedic 3D Arabic Mansions



















                2.  Art Wheels will now use Aspect settings configured by users for all aspects drawing.

                3.  Time Zones and Cities database updates.

                4.  10,000 new Deep Sky objects added.

  • Financial Gold Edition:
    1. More than 30 USA companies added or updated.


Important Note: this is a major release and you may need to clear your browser cache. If you are seeing blank pages and/or getting any kind of errors, please log out, clear your browser cache, and then restart your browser.

Instructions on how to clear the cache can be found here: