AstroApp: New Release! 6/21/2015

We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp. This release introduces adaptive mobile UIs that automatically change to the native look and feel on Tablets.

New Features in each Edition:

Free, Traditional Basic, Pro, and Financial Gold:

  • User Interfaces are going to automatically adapt to the smaller screen size and different pointing behavior of mobile devices. The end result is the new native look and feel of AstroApp on Apple, Androind and other tablets.
  • Most of the components such as Forms, Dialogs, etc will now have special mobile modes. They will automatically use the entire screen and offer alternative UI for navigation and dismissal (for example: native lists appearance, sliding submenus, calendar view changes on Tablet device pivot and so on).
  • Right-mouse click context menus and hovers can now be triggered by finger taps and long touches.
  • You can now use photos taken with your Tablet as chart backgrounds and also as backgrounds for your Pages.

Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

1. Ability to export tables in PDF format and download PDF table files.

2. Timelords and Transits: Timelines and Calendars are now editable. You can add your custom events or modify generated events for print previews and when printing.

3. Major Timeline performance improvements (for all Hellenistic, Medieval and Modern Time Lords and also for Vedic dashas).

4. Transits Search: Ability to choose the output time format between User Default and UTC time zones.

5. Enhanced support for browsers that don't have UTF8 fonts installed.

6. Cities and hospitals database updates.

Financial Gold Edition:

1. More than 50 USA companies added or updated.