AstroApp: New Release!

We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!

Major new features:

  • Events Manager
  • AstroApp is now available in Hungarian!
  • New AstroApp APIs features
  • Progressions Listing enhancements
  • Smartphones UI enhancements.

New Features in each Edition:

Free, Traditional Basic, Vedic, Oriental, Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

1. All Editions of AstroApp are now available in Hungarian.

2. Mobile UI enhancements for Android, iOS, Win smartphones. Auto-scrollable menus.

AstroApp Pro, AstroApp Vedic and Financial Gold:

1. Kalachakra chart.

App Pro, and Financial Gold:

1. Events Manager

  • Ability to save events of the following types: Primary Directions, Progressions, Transits, events from all Time Lords (Zodiacal Releasing, Decennials, Lunar Monomoira, etc), Profections, Rudhyar Ages, Huber Age point, Developmental ages, and so on.
  • Ability to save forecast charts (Returns, Progressions, Ingresses, Transits, etc).
  • Ability to create user-defined events.
  • Combine events from various predictive techniques.

2. Interpretations Editor Enhancements:

  • Ability to create interpretation reports using 13 Signs Zodiac
  • Enhanced multi-language support for reports writing.

3. Progressions additions:

  • Progressions to natal Midpoints.
  • Progressed to Progressed objects aspects.
  • Ability to combine progressed to progressed events with progressed to natal and other similar listings.

4. Single click charts creation for Moon Phases, Eclipses, Ingresses, Transits, etc.

5. New AstroApp APIs functionality: ability to change chart styles. Supported chart styles include Western wheels and Vedic square charts.

6. Multiple additions to the cities/locations database.


 events list zoomed progressions list 
progressions list form  kalachakra astroapp
















Financial Gold Edition:

1. More than 40 US companies added or updated.