We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!

Major new features:

  • Financial Module updates:
    • W.D. Gann planetary indicators for First Trade charts
    • Statistical Analysis of price movements and astro indicators
    • Candlestick, OHLC, and Area stock chart styles
  • Map Themes and the Advanced Map Themes Editor.
  • Mundane Astrology: enhancements to the Planetary Index Editor.

New Features in each Edition:

AstroApp Pro, and Financial Gold Editions:

  1. Map Themes for both AstroCartography and Local Space maps.
  2. Map Themes Designer.
    1. Ability to use custom objects on maps.
    2. Ability to use any objects (planets, asteroids, fictitious planets, Arabic parts, house cusps, etc) on any map.
    3. Ability to define rulership relationship criteria between objects
  3. Mundane Astrology: multiple additions to the Mundane Planetary Cycles:
    1. Ability to calculate custom planetary cycles using major asteroids and the North Node.
    2. Ability to use any user-defined harmonics for custom planetary cycles and Barbault index calculations.
    3. Ability to change the rate of calculations/data display frequency.
map custom point theme theme designer








Financial Gold Edition:

  1. W.D. Gann astro techniques for the First Trade ChartsW.D. Gann astro techniques for the First Trade Charts
  2. W.D. Gann module enhancements:
    1. Ability to combine multiple astro indicators for the same stock.
    2. Ability to combine indicators for the same planet calculated in different coordinates systems (such as Geocentric and Heliocentric).
    3. Statistical correlations between stock price changes and astro indicators.Statistical correlations between stock price changes and astro indicators.
  3. Three stock graph styles: Candlestick, OHLC, Area.
  4. More than 60 US companies added or updated.
multiple indicators stock astro correlations