AstroApp: New Release!

We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!

Major new features:

  • Interpretation Reports
  • Life Time  module (A.T.Mann)
  • Financial Module additions:
    • European markets (635+ Euronext companies; 950+ first trade and listing charts)
    • European and Indian quarterly stocks price data
  • AstroApp APIs
    • Time Zone and Location APIs
    • Multiple new objects
    • Multiple new calculation and output formatting functions

New Features in each Edition:

AstroApp Free Edition:

  1. AstroScribe is now available in the Free edition
  2. Two interpretation reports (modern natal and 13-signs natal)

AstroApp Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

  1. Interpretation reports:
    • Sun-sign
    • Two natal interpretation reports
    • Transit to transit interpretations
    • 13-Signs natal interpretations
  2. Life Time method according to A.T. Mann
  3. Heliocentric and Topocentric Linear Transits
  4. Ability to restrict Lunar eclipses to those visible locally only
  5. Ability to filter midpoint trees to exclude objects that are forming aspected midpoints
  6. Ability to open Linear Transits, Progressions and Time Maps in new browser windows
  7. New 13-houses House System (Lovelace variation)
  8. Ability to combine all Lunar Mansions interpretations in one place
  9. New wheel styles
  10. New Page Designer components
life Time Wheel with Scale life Time Wheel with Scale bi-Wheel
multi color style multi color bi-wheel style
lifeTime page 13 signs Berg Lovelace houses


AstroApp API enhancements:
  1. Time Zones Database and Cities/Hospitals database are now available via APIs
  2. Multiple new objects can now be calculated using APIs: all major asteroids, fictitious planets, Part of Fortune, Pre-natal eclipses
  3. Ability to calculate house and sign placements on the fly
  4. A wide range of utility and output formatting functions implemented
  5. New calculation settings added (such as support for Vedic Vargas)
  6. New detailed examples of APIs usage to help you get started right away

Financial Gold Edition:

  1. Euronext markets support:
    • 637 Euronext companies added
    • 951 Euronext first trade charts and market listing charts added
    • Historical Euronext trading prices (quarterly)
  2. Historical Indian markets (NSE) trading prices (quarterly)
  3. 40 new first trade charts added (USA markets)
  4. 30+ USA markets first trade charts updated
  5. Ability to create financial charts for 5 more events: Cross-listings, Dual-Listings, Mergers, Transfers and Spin-offs
  6. Heliocentric and Topocentric transits for stock prices and cryptocurrencies