AstroApp: New Release!

We are very excited to announce a new release of AstroApp!

Major new features:

  • Election Search Modules
  • Multiple new Medieval and Vedic Time Lords
  • COVID19 Stats and AstroCartography
  • Financial Astrology: Cycles, selected ETFs, Business Cycles

New Features in each Edition:
AstroApp Pro and Financial Gold Editions:

  1. Election Search modules:
    • Essential Dignities election graph
    • House Cusps election module
    • Elections quick chart previews
  2. Time Lords:
    • Nine Parts (Persian and Vedic methods)
    • Lord of the Orb (Abu Ma'ashar and Diego de Torres methods)
  3. Primary Directions:
    • Ability to include the Lunar Parallax correction
    • True vs Apparent positions for Promissors and Significators
  4. Heliacal Events for Fixed Stars
  5. Coronavirus stats and AstroCartography (ACG, Geodetic, and Local Space maps): for cases spread, death rates, recovery rates
  6. New Page Designer components
  7. Dynamic Transit module enhancements
  8. Progressions to angles added as part of the objects listings
  9. Ability to create complex Asteroids Searches
  10. Time Zones and Cities database updates.
covid19 stats astrocartography nine parts abumashar
house cusps elections form house cusp elections chart
lord of orb essential dignities graph election
AstroApp API Edition:
  1. REST APIs: Ability to calculate progressions to angles.

Financial Gold Edition:

  1. Support for selected index funds and ETFs
  2.        Planetary Cycles and the ability to combine cycles, astro indicators and technical indicators on price charts
  3.        US Economy Business cycle
  4.        200 companies and first trade charts added including renewables, solar and electric vehicles sectors.
financial cycles astrology financial events cycles indicators astrology