This is truly revolutionary concept.... Well done!

Hank Friedman
The Mountain Astrologer
(Issue #165).

... I've become dependent on it! Lol


Fantastic job Gene - Cheers. Especially wonderful to see the March 2013 release upgrades and new research tools - API, sidereal, fixed stars, nakshatras, galactic ephem generator, etc.


I'd like to also say that I'm sincerely grateful you and your team built this. I would like to see it grow and prosper and I've known for a long time this is the future of astrological computing.

Adam (SoulsignAstrology.com) 

You have done a wonderful work. Congratulations!
The monthly adding of well chosen new materials makes the site a must!

Alexandros Vasiliadis

That is astounding.... God give you strength to continue your good work.

Neelamani Prasad Pragada

I actually went ahead and ordered a month subscription to the Pro--I LOVE it. I think this is fantastic and you should SERIOUSLY market it to Mac users--we have no choice other than to use Parallels, buy Windows, and then feel depressed about it. That just changed. Seriously, this is a big deal. There are oodles of google searches out there looking for programs like this for Mac. I am thrilled. I am also quite pleased with your support team. I emailed a question to them and they replied in an hour--good stuff on a Saturday. Thanks again for the great program!

South Carolina

Nasty! and VERY COOL. Good luck.

Johnny M.

Nice idea good luck with this project.

Henry W.

I literally stayed up all night exploring the features of AstroApp, and I love it. You've created a technical and visual marvel, with such an abundance of options that it makes retail software obsolete for the most part - there are techniques, lists and graphics to address every serious astrological need. Once I became familiar with the conventions the app uses, help was easy to find within each feature and window. I'm really astonished at what you've accomplished with AstroApp. You've also done a brilliant job with the website, combining logical organization, beautiful screen shots and an abundantly helpful features list. You've made it easy to navigate and see what each module includes.... ...I am absolutely delighted with the program.

Bonnie W.

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I'm amazed at what is included, I have 5 different professional software programs, and I have to use all of them to get the same charts, reports, and calculations you have here.

Chandler A.

Vancouver, British Columbia