• Traditional


    Mundane Primary Directions: Great Conjunctions:
    mundane directions great conjunctions

    AstroApp supports a wide range of traditional Mundane Astrology techniques not found anywhere else.
    • Great Conjunctions:
      • Great Conjunctions
      • Middle Conjunctions
      • Lesser Conjunctions
    • Great Mean Conjunctions. 8 methods: Kushyar, Abu Ma'shar, Masha'allah, Ridwan Efendi, Ibn Abi Al-Fath Al-Sufi, Ibn Al-Shatir, Musa ibn Nawbakht, Noufid Khalid
    • Eclipse Activation periods. Eclipse influence intensity ranges
    • Mundane Arabic Parts
    • Mundane Time Lords: Turns
    • Dawr (Abu Ma'ashar and Mashallah methods)
    • Mighty Firdaria:
      • Big, Middle, and Lesser Mundane Firdaria
      • 6 Year types: Tropical, Sidereal, Egyptian/Hellenistic, Abu Ma'shar, Masha'allah, Bija correction
      • 2 Chronologies according to Abu Ma'shar and Masha'allah
    • Mundane Directions
      • Mundane Directions in RA and Longitude
      • 6 Time Keys: Umar al-Tabari, Ptolemy, Naibod, Cardano, Placidus, Symbolic Degree
      • Ability to use or ignore significators' latitudes.
    • Mundane Profections:
      • 7 Types:
        1. ASC of the Ingress of the current Triplicity Shifts
        2. MC of the Ingress of the Triplicity Shifts
        3. From the Sign of the Triplicity Shift
        4. ASC of the Ingress of the nearest Great Conjunction
        5. MC of the Ingress of the nearest Great Conjunction
        6. From the Sign of the nearest Great Conjunction
        7. Aries Ingresses
      • 12 Traditional Types: Big, Middle, Lesser, Great Conjunctions, Middle (Persian/Baqqar), Lesser (Baqqar), Monarchy Profections, Malefic Profections, Qisma, Solar Return Profections, Annual Profections, 360 degree mundane profections
      • 6 Year types: Tropical, Sidereal, Egyptian/Hellenistic, Abu Ma'shar, Masha'allah, Bija-corrected.
    • Ability to create local and relocated charts for the mundane events such as great conjunctions, time lord change times, Firdaria periods, and so on.
    • BC and AD dates support.
    • Ability to export all the tables to PDF.
  • Modern

    1. Planetary Cyclic Indexes graphs.
    2. Barbault Index graph.
    3. Ability to create customer planetary indexes.
    4. Ability to use the North Node and 6 major asteroids in indexes calcualations.
    5. Ability to calculate planetary indexes using any user-defined harmonics.
    6. Moon Families (Lunation Families).
    7. Solar Activity / Solar Spots (observed and predicted solar activity).
    Planetary Cyclic Index:

    planetary cyclic index
    Planetary Index Editor:
    mundane planetary cycles
    Moon Families (Dietrech Pessin method)
    moon families


  • World Events

    A new revolutionary Mundane Astrology module that uses AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (deep machine learning and facial recognition technologies) to generate Astrocartography maps of World events, astro maps of the World population mood, overall instability index graphs, and happiness index per geographical regions.

    • Database of World events:
      • Historical Figures
      • US Presidents
      • USA Presidential Inaugurations
      • Horoscopes of Countries
      • Horoscopes of US States
      • Horoscopes of Major US Cities
      • Charts of US diplomatic relationships with other countries
    • World Instability timeline (6 month look-back)
    • World population mood by country
    • World Events and Astrocartography
    AstroCartoGraphy of the World Events: Astrological Maps of people's mood (happy/unhappy people):
    world events astrocartography smiling faces astrology
    Astrology of negative and positive news headlines: Mundane Instability graphs:
    negative headlines astrology mundane instability protests astrology
    World Horoscopes Database:  
    world horoscopes database  
  • Astrology of Disasters

    • Earthquakes
    • Coronavirus Pandemic. Astrology of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    ACG aspects and COVID-19 pandemic: Astrological aspects on ACG and Geodetic maps and COVID-19 active cases:
    coronavirus aspects astrology coronavirus Mars Uranus square geodetic
    Midpoints on astro-maps and COVID-19 spread: COVID-19 and planetary sums astrocartography:
    coronavirus mars saturn midpoints covid19 sun midpoints astrology
    Earthquakes and AstroCartoGraphy:  
    earthquakes midpoints astrology