• MultiWheels
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    many wheels
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     7 types of composite charts:
    • BiWheels and MultiWheels (up to 5 charts in the MuliWheels format)
    • Composite Derived
    • Composite Midpoints
    • Davison Average
    • Davison Corrected
    • Coalescent charts
    • Generalized Planetary Hours Synastry Chart

    Synastry Aspects and distances:

    • Synastry aspects and distances between planets in 2 charts
    • Synastry aspects in a biWheel format
    • Generalized Planetary Hours Aspects and hour distances between 2 charts


    • BiWheels
    • TriWheels
    • QuadWheels
    •  Unlimited wheels/charts per page (ManyWheels)
    • Ability to get stats for individual charts and groups of charts.

    Multi-Chart Transits:

    • Transit Calendars for multiple Charts
    • Interactive calendars with the ability to list through months and add custom events
    • Ability to export to PDF and HTML
    • Print-preview

    Synastry maps and Group Maps:

    • Ability to combine unlimited number of charts on a single mapAbility to combine unlimited number of charts on a single map
    • Ability to combine charts on AstroGeography, Local Space and Geodetic Maps using Map Themes.

    Synastry Group Analysis Synastry aspects in a wheel chart format
    synastry group analysis   synastry aspects
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    Print preview of Transits Calendars Transits for groups of charts
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