AstroApp Financial Astrology Edition


AstroApp Pro plus Financial Astrology module.

This is the ultimate Edition of AstroApp that combines all the features of AstroApp Pro with a revolutionary Astro Financial module.
1. Access to all the features of AstroApp Pro!
2. Access to the Financial Astrology module:

Bill Meridian's database of more than 8,300+ First trade charts for the USA, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong, Canada, India, UAE, and Australian markets.
Multiple techniques from Bill Meridians Planetary Stock Trading book.
Trading System and Research modules.
Comprehensive stock charts search module with advanced Boolean search rules.
Current and historical stock prices and trading volume charts with a wide range of astrological indicators (charts are based on market end of day/closing prices).
Ability to add First Trade, Incorporation and other charts to more than 12,500 companies.
Regular First trades charts database updates.
Price Wheels
3. Can be run as a Web application on all platforms (mobile, tablets, Win, Mac) and as a Facebook App.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $59.90