• Mobile

    AstroApp can be run as a mobile app on iOS, Android, and Win phones and tablets.

    Art Wheel on Android (landscape mode) Art Wheels on Android (landscape mode)
     android landscape art wheel  android landscape art wheels
    AstroCartography on Android (landscape mode) Deep Sky module on Android (landscape mode)
     android landscape astrocartography  android landscape deep sky
    Medical Astrology on Android (landscape mode) Ptolemaic climes map on Android (landscape mode)
     android landscape medical astrology  android landscape ptolemaic climes map
    Synastry Chart preview on Android (landscape mode) Linear Transits on Android (landscape mode)
     android landscape synastry db preview  android landscape transits
    Midpoint Trees on iPad (landscape mode) Chart Wheel on iPhone (landscape mode)
     ipad landscape midpoint trees  iphone ladnscape chart wheel
    Calendar  on Android (portrait mode) New Chart data entry on Android (portrait mode)
     android portrait calendar  android portrait chart data entry
    Phone Photos background on Android (portrait mode) Chart Map on Android (portrait mode)
     android portrait custom background  android portrait map chart entry
    User Settings on iPad (portrait mode) Wheel Styles selection on iPad (portrait mode)
     ipad portrait settings  ipad portrait wheel styles
    Astro Details Menu on iPhone (portrait mode) Creating new chart on iPhone (portrait mode)
     iphone details menu  iphone new chart entry
    Mutual Receptions and Spheres chart on iPhone (portrait mode) New Chart map on iPhone 6 (portrait)
     iphone portrait receptions spheres  iphone6 map new chart
     File menu on iPhone  
     iphone files menu  
    Windows phones  
    win phone nokia astrodynes landscape win phone nokia map quake landscape
    win phone nokia astrodynes pie landscape win phone nokia  prim dirs landscape
    win phone nokia landscape