Financial Astrology

  • Introduction to AstroApp Financial Edition

    We have teamed up with a world-renown astrologer and financial researcher Bill Meridian to give you the first Financial Astrology Software in the Cloud.

    Most important features of AstroApp Financial Edition include:
    • Multiple techniques from Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading III and IV books (planetary portfolios, price wheels, etc)
    • Bill Meridian's database of First Trade charts for USA; also first trade horoscopes for the following markets: United Kingdom, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, India, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Hong Kong (more than 9,780 charts in total). Regular updates are also provided
    • Bill Meridians database of Incorporation horoscopes for Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets
    • Database of 134,400+ companies covering 12 countries and 15 markets
    • Live (close of day) stock trading prices and volume data streams from the US and Australian markets with the ability to produce graphs and analyze using various transits and events data
    • ~25 years of historical data for US markets (stocks and selected ETFs)
    • FOREX end of day data, ability to use FOREX currency conversion data with technical indicators, astrological indicators, Trading and Research modules.
    • 157 currencies supported
    • Crypto - end of day data for cryptocurrencies. Crypto currencies research using astrological indicators, technical indicators, Gann, Trading System, Research modules, etc.
    • 575 crypto currencies are supported
    • Intra-day USA markets data (15 mins intervals for the last 7 to 14 trading days)
    • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies conversion: 463 cryptocurrencies and 156 currencies
    • Cryptocurrency conversion rates and transits
    • Very advanced Financial stock charts search with complex Boolean search criteria (including result set filters like AND, NOT, Exclusive OR, etc), data sets combinations, and so on
    • Financial Charts analysis/stats
    • Portfolios. Ability to analyze portfolio charts for commonalities
    • W.D Gann Planetary Support / Resistance lines
    • 15 Astro Indicators
    • Statistical analysis of trading prices correlations with astro significatorsStatistical analysis of trading prices correlations with astro significators
    • 93 technical indicators, ability to combine multiple indicators
    • Ability to combine technical analysis charts with Astro Events / Transits
    • Advanced Trading System. Ability to define and evaluate complex trading strategies based on 22 trading rules, based on technical indicators, astro events, groups of events, astro indicators
    • Composite Planetary Cycles and Stocks Prices (Geocentric, Heliocentric, Topocentric)
    • Planetary Cycles and Currency Exchange Rates
    • Transits / Stock pricing / Trading Volume Graphs
    • Research Module that supports research for stocks, commodities and FOREX currencies
    • Research events listing, ability to export events to Excel and XML for further offline research
    • Bradley Siderograph
    • US Economy Activity Cycle index
    • EPS - Quarterly Earnings Calendar and Transits (Earnings Announcements charts)
    • Ability to use both Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac (30+ ayanamsas) in Research and Transit modules
     Companies Data  Bill Meridian's database of First Trade charts
     companies  fin import update
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Price Wheel  Comprehensive Search
     fin price wheel  fin search
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Search Results  Charts Groups Analysis
     fin search results  companies stats
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Stock Prices and Transits  Stock Prices and Transits Zoom View
     fin stock graph  fin stock graph first trade zoom
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Stock Performance comparison 1  Stock Performance comparison 2
    fin graph comparison1 fin graph comparison2
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Transits, Stock Prices and Market Volatility  Astrological/Astronomical Events Analysis
    fin graph with volatility research graph bars
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
    Candlestick: Astro Indicators  OHLC chart with Astro Indicators
    astro indicators prices candlestick ohlc chart indicators
     Area graph with Astro Indicators  Candlestick 10 days zoom
    area stock indicators astro indicators prices zoom days
     Intra Day trading with Astro Indicators  Trading Strategy with Entry and Exit points
    intra day  trading graph buy sell
    Portfolio Astro Analysis  Donald Bradley Siderograph
    portfolio astro analysis  bradley siderograph
    Planetary Cycles Form: Planetary Cycles and Equity Prices:
    financial astrology cycles financial astrology planets cycles
    Cycles and Indicators      Cycles, Indicators and Events   
    financial cycles astrology financial events cycles indicators astrology
    1. Ability to define Buy and Sell rules using:
      • 93 Technical Indicators
      • 15 Astro Indicators
      • Custom Astro Events and groups of events
    2. Astro Events can be created using formulas of unlimited complexity
    3. Ability to define trading strategies based on 22 rules:
      • Crossed Down Indicator
      • Crossed Up Indicator
      • Crossed Down Value
      • Crossed Up Value
      • In Pipe / Values
      • In Pipe / Indicators
      • In Slope / Values
      • In Slope / Range
      • Equal to Value
      • Equal to Indicator
      • Is Falling During Period
      • Is Rising During Period
      • Over Indicator
      • Over Threshold
      • Highest During Period
      • Lowest During Period
      • Stop Gain
      • Stop Loss
      • Under Indicator
      • Under Threshold
      • Wait
      • Events
    4. Ability to combine multiple buy and sell rules into complex trading strategies using AND, OR, XOR, NOT operands
    5. Ability to analyze profitability of such trading strategies
    6. Ability to compare trading strategies with Buy and Hold
    7. Price charts of entry/exit events
    8. Cash flow graphs
    Trading Chart with buy and sell signal Cash Flow
    trading graph buy sell cash flow
    Trading Strategy Rules  
    trading system rules trading system rules2
    Trading Strategy Analysis  
    trading system analysis  
    • Detailed analysis of any user-defined astrological and astronomical events
    • Research price correlations between astronomical and astrological events
    • Compare profitability of price correlations for different events, for individual stocks and portfolios
    • Ability to merge research results to study cumulative effects.
    • View price correlations as tables and graphs (multiple graph types such as lines, bars, radar, areas and so on)
    • Rate astronomical and astrological events
    • Ability to use sidereal Zodiac, 30 predefined and also user-defined ayanamsas.
    • Ability to filter buy and sell events by week days and calendar months.
    • Ability to filter buy and sell events based on Zodiac Signs in which events occur
    • Ability to analyze trades profitability using Long and Short strategies.
     Areas graph  Research: bars chart
     research graph areas  research graph bars
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
    Clickable Research Graph Long and Short Trades Profitability testing
    financial research financial research profitability testing
     Radar graph/analysis  Lines graph
     research graph radar  research graph1
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Horizontal bars and saving functionality  Days stats with Doughnuts graphs
     research graph bar save  research graph doughnuts details
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Research setup  Research criteria configuration 1
    finance research research criteria create
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
    Research Results table view  
    financial research table  
    • Define your investment and trading strategies based on astronomical and astrological events.
    • Analyze and compare your strategies.
    • Benchmark your strategies against the Buy and Hold profitability.
    • Define Investment Strategies based on your Research analysis
     Strategies module  Strategies results
     Strategies module  Strategies results
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Criteria configuration  
     Criteria configuration
     Click Image to Enlarge
  • Advanced Search for Financial charts:
    The Advanced Search module can be used to scan the first trade horoscopes database based on a huge number of criteria and criteria combinations.

    Building first trade horoscopes scanning criteria:
    financial charts scan
    Available search criteria:
    1. Sign placements (including 12 tropical signs and 13th sign Zodiac)
    2. Sign stats (number of objects in signs or sign types)
    3. House placements (individual houses, house types)
    4. By Aspects between planets
    5. By Aspects between planets and ecliptic points.
    6. By Aspect Patterns (26 patterns available)
    7. By phases between any objects
    8. By Dignities placements
    9. By rulers over specified objects.
    10. By Traditional Considerations
    11. By position in various coordinate systems
    12. By Speed
    13. By direction of the motion
    14. By sect placements of planets
    15. By chart sect
    16. By midpoint aspects.
    17. Search by IPO (first trade) dates.

    Search criteria can be combined into complex formulas using the following operators:
    Additionally, you can use parentheses expressions to combine search parameters and create search criteria of unlimited complexity.

    All Search Criteria can be saved and then reused with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Gann Planetary Lines module:
    1. Classical Gann planetary support and resistance lines based on transits.
    2. Gann planetary support and resistance module for the First Trade charts.
    3. Geocentric, Heliocentric, and Topocentric calculations.
    4. Ability to combine different coordinates calculations for the same planets (such as Heliocentric with Geocentric).
    5. Ability to set the Price to Longitude scale.
    6. Configurable harmonic values.
    7. Ability to calculate Gann lines for Open, Close, High, Low, and Average daily prices.
    8. Clockwise and Counterclockwise longitude projections.
    9. Three stock chart styles: Candlestick, OHLC, and Area.
    10. Ability to combine and show multiple Gann planetary lines on a single chart.
    11. Ability to combine Heliocentric and Geocentric calculations for the same planets.
    12. Ability to evaluate Statistical Correlations between price movements and astro indicators.
    Planetary lines calculation: Planetary resistance line on the candlestick chart:
    gann planetary lines gann planetary lines chart
    Multiple Indicators: Multiple Indicators: Zoomed in view:
    multiple indicators multiple indicators zoomedIn
    Correlation between price movements and astro indicators:  
    stock astro correlations  
  • Astro Indicators:
    1. Essential Dignities
    2. Accidental Dignities
    3. Complete Dignities
    4. Longitude
    5. Latitude
    6. Distance (AU)
    7. Speed
    8. Speed in Latitude
    9. Speed in AU
    Ability to use Astro Indicators with historical close of day data and intra-day data.
    Statistical correlations between astro indicators and stock prices.
    Candlestick graph with Astro Indicators OHLC chart with Astro Indicators
    astro indicators prices candlestick ohlc chart indicators
    Area chart with Astro Indicators Candlestick 10 days zoom
    area stock indicators astro indicators prices zoom days
    Intra Day trading with Astro Indicators Intra Day with Astro Indicators for Luminaries
    intra day intraday indicators luminaries
    Astro Indicators selector  Cycles with Astrological and Technical Indicators
    astro indicators  cycles astro technical indicators
  • Technical Indicators
    1. Absolute Indicator,
    2. Acceleration/Deceleration,
    3. ADX,
    4. Amount,
    5. Aroon Down,
    6. Aroon Oscillator,
    7. Aroon Up,
    8. ATR,
    9. Awesome Oscillator,
    10. Bearish Engulfing,
    11. Bearish Haram,
    12. Bollinger Band: Lower,
    13. Bollinger Band: Middle,
    14. Bollinger Band: Upper,
    15. Bollinger Band Width,
    16. Bullish Engulifing,
    17. Bullish Harami,
    18. CCI,
    19. Chaikin Money Flow,
    20. Chaikin Oscillator,
    21. Chandelier Exist Long,
    22. Chandelier Exist Short,
    23. Close Location Value,
    24. CMO,
    25. Coppock Curve,
    26. Double EMA,
    27. DPO,
    28. DX,
    29. Gain,
    30. Highest Value,
    31. HMA,
    32. Ichimoku Chikou Span,
    33. Ichimoku Senkou Span,
    34. III,
    35. Loss,
    36. Lower Shadow,
    37. Lowest Value,
    38. MACD,
    39. Mass Index,
    40. Max Price,
    41. Mean Deviation,
    42. Median Price,
    43. Min Price,
    44. Minus DII,
    45. Minus DMI,
    46. %B,
    47. Periodical Growth Rate,
    48. Plus DII,
    49. Plus DMI,
    50. PPO,
    51. Previous Week Value,
    52. Price Variation,
    53. Random Walk Index: High,
    54. Random Walk Index: Low,
    55. RAVI,
    56. Real Body,
    57. ROC,
    58. ROCV,
    59. RSI,
    60. SMA - Simple Moving Average,
    61. Sigma,
    62. Simple Linear Regression,
    63. Standard Deviation,
    64. Standard Error,
    65. Stochastic Oscillator DI,
    66. Stochastic Oscillator KI,
    67. Stochastic RSII,
    68. Three Black Crows,
    69. Three White Soldiers,
    70. TR,
    71. Triple EM,
    72. Typical Price,
    73. Ulcer Index,
    74. Upper Shadow,
    75. Variance,
    76. "VWAP,
    77. Williams RI,
    78. WMA,
    79. ZLEMA
    80. Fibonacci Support,
    81. Fibonacci Resistance,
    82. Pivot Points,
    83. Demark Pivot Points,
    84. Demark Support,
    85. Demark Resistance,
    86. Standard Pivot Point Support 1,
    87. Standard Pivot Point Support 2,
    88. Standard Pivot Point Support 3,
    89. Standard Pivot Point Resistance 1,
    90. Standard Pivot Point Resistance 2,
    91. Standard Pivot Point Resistance 3,
    92. Lowest Value
    93. Bearish Haram

     Technical Indicators

    technical indicators

    Bollinger Bands with Astro Events

    technical indicators transits bollinger band

    Technical Indicators with Transit 

    technical indicators with transits

    Cycles with Technical and Astrological Indicators

    cycles astro technical indicators

    • Quarterly Results Announcements Calendar
    • Ability to compare Results Announcements event with IPO/First Trade charts
    • Advanced Searches / Scans of the upcoming EPS (quarterly results) Announcements
    EPS Quarterly Results table  
    results announcements  
  • Upcoming IPOs: Upcoming IPOs Calendar:
    • Upcoming IPOs calendar. All IPOs planned for the next 3 months..
    • Advanced Searches / Scans of the upcoming IPO events.
    upcoming IPOs calendar
  • Historical end of day FOREX exchange data for the following currencies is supported:

    Currency code Currency name
    AED United Arab Emirates Dirham
    AFN Afghan Afghani
    ALL Albanian Lek
    AMD Armenian Dram
    ANG Netherlands Antillean Guilder
    AOA Angolan Kwanza
    ARS Argentine Peso
    AUD Australian Dollar
    AWG Aruban Florin
    AZN Azerbaijani Manat
    BAM Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark
    BBD Barbadian Dollar
    BDT Bangladeshi Taka
    BGN Bulgarian Lev
    BHD Bahraini Dinar
    BIF Burundian Franc
    BMD Bermudan Dollar
    BND Brunei Dollar
    BOB Bolivian Boliviano
    BRL Brazilian Real
    BSD Bahamian Dollar
    BTN Bhutanese Ngultrum
    BWP Botswanan Pula
    BZD Belize Dollar
    CAD Canadian Dollar
    CDF Congolese Franc
    CHF Swiss Franc
    CLF Chilean Unit of Account UF
    CLP Chilean Peso
    CNH Chinese Yuan Offshore
    CNY Chinese Yuan
    COP Colombian Peso
    CUP Cuban Peso
    CVE Cape Verdean Escudo
    CZK Czech Republic Koruna
    DJF Djiboutian Franc
    DKK Danish Krone
    DOP Dominican Peso
    DZD Algerian Dinar
    EGP Egyptian Pound
    ERN Eritrean Nakfa
    ETB Ethiopian Birr
    EUR Euro
    FJD Fijian Dollar
    FKP Falkland Islands Pound
    GBP British Pound Sterling
    GEL Georgian Lari
    GHS Ghanaian Cedi
    GIP Gibraltar Pound
    GMD Gambian Dalasi
    GNF Guinean Franc
    GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal
    GYD Guyanaese Dollar
    HKD Hong Kong Dollar
    HNL Honduran Lempira
    HRK Croatian Kuna
    HTG Haitian Gourde
    HUF Hungarian Forint
    ICP Internet Computer
    IDR Indonesian Rupiah
    ILS Israeli New Sheqel
    INR Indian Rupee
    IQD Iraqi Dinar
    IRR Iranian Rial
    ISK Icelandic Krona
    JEP Jersey Pound
    JMD Jamaican Dollar
    JOD Jordanian Dinar
    JPY Japanese Yen
    KES Kenyan Shilling
    KGS Kyrgystani Som
    KHR Cambodian Riel
    KMF Comorian Franc
    KPW North Korean Won
    KRW South Korean Won
    KWD Kuwaiti Dinar
    KYD Cayman Islands Dollar
    KZT Kazakhstani Tenge
    LAK Laotian Kip
    LBP Lebanese Pound
    LKR Sri Lankan Rupee
    LRD Liberian Dollar
    LSL Lesotho Loti
    LYD Libyan Dinar
    MAD Moroccan Dirham
    MDL Moldovan Leu
    MGA Malagasy Ariary
    MKD Macedonian Denar
    MMK Myanma Kyat
    MNT Mongolian Tugrik
    MOP Macanese Pataca
    MRO Mauritanian Ouguiya (pre-2018)
    MRU Mauritanian Ouguiya
    MUR Mauritian Rupee
    MVR Maldivian Rufiyaa
    MWK Malawian Kwacha
    MXN Mexican Peso
    MYR Malaysian Ringgit
    MZN Mozambican Metical
    NAD Namibian Dollar
    NGN Nigerian Naira
    NOK Norwegian Krone
    NPR Nepalese Rupee
    NZD New Zealand Dollar
    OMR Omani Rial
    PAB Panamanian Balboa
    PEN Peruvian Nuevo Sol
    PGK Papua New Guinean Kina
    PHP Philippine Peso
    PKR Pakistani Rupee
    PLN Polish Zloty
    PYG Paraguayan Guarani
    QAR Qatari Rial
    RON Romanian Leu
    RSD Serbian Dinar
    RUB Russian Ruble
    RUR Old Russian Ruble
    RWF Rwandan Franc
    SAR Saudi Riyal
    SBDf Solomon Islands Dollar
    SCR Seychellois Rupee
    SDG Sudanese Pound
    SDR Special Drawing Rights
    SEK Swedish Krona
    SGD Singapore Dollar
    SHP Saint Helena Pound
    SLL Sierra Leonean Leone
    SOS Somali Shilling
    SRD Surinamese Dollar
    SYP Syrian Pound
    SZL Swazi Lilangeni
    THB Thai Baht
    TJS Tajikistani Somoni
    TMT Turkmenistani Manat
    TND Tunisian Dinar
    TOP Tongan Pa'anga
    TRY Turkish Lira
    TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
    TWD New Taiwan Dollar
    TZS Tanzanian Shilling
    UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia
    UGX Ugandan Shilling
    USD United States Dollar
    UYU Uruguayan Peso
    UZS Uzbekistan Som
    VND Vietnamese Dong
    VUV Vanuatu Vatu
    WST Samoan Tala
    XAF CFA Franc BEAC
    XCD East Caribbean Dollar
    XDR Special Drawing Rights
    XPF CFP Franc
    YER Yemeni Rial
    ZAR South African Rand
    ZMW Zambian Kwacha
    ZWL Zimbabwean Dollar
  • Historical end of day trading data for the following Cryptocurrencies is supported:

    Currency code Currencies name
    1ST FirstBlood
    2GIVE GiveCoin
    808 808Coin
    AAVE Aave
    ABT ArcBlock
    ABY ArtByte
    AC AsiaCoin
    ACT Achain
    ADA Cardano
    ADT adToken
    ADX AdEx
    AE Aeternity
    AEON Aeon
    AGI SingularityNET
    AGRS IDNI-Agoras
    AID AidCoin
    AION Aion
    AIR AirToken
    AKY Akuya-Coin
    ALGO Algorand
    AMBER AmberCoin
    AMP Synereo
    AMPL Ampleforth
    ANC Anoncoin
    ANT Aragon
    APPC AppCoins
    APX APX-Ventures
    ARDR Ardor
    ARK Ark
    ARN Aeron
    AST AirSwap
    ATB ATBCoin
    ATM ATMChain
    ATOM Cosmos
    ATS Authorship
    AUR Auroracoin
    AVAX Avalanche
    AVT Aventus
    B3 B3Coin
    BAND Band Protocol
    BAT Basic-Attention-Token
    BAY BitBay
    BBR Boolberry
    BCC BitConnect
    BCD Bitcoin-Diamond
    BCH Bitcoin-Cash
    BCN Bytecoin
    BCPT BlockMason-Credit-Protocol-Token
    BCX BitcoinX
    BCY BitCrystals
    BDL Bitdeal
    BEE Bee-Token
    BELA BelaCoin
    BET DAO-Casino
    BFT BF-Token
    BIS Bismuth
    BITB BitBean
    BIX Bibox-Token
    BLITZ Blitzcash
    BLK Blackcoin
    BLN Bolenum
    BLOCK Blocknet
    BLZ Bluzelle
    BMC Blackmoon-Crypto
    BNB Binance-Coin
    BNT Bancor-Network-Token
    BNTY Bounty0x
    BOST BoostCoin
    BOT Bodhi
    BQ bitqy
    BRD Bread
    BRK Breakout-Coin
    BRX Breakout-Stake
    BSV Bitcoin SV
    BTA Bata
    BTC Bitcoin
    BTCB Bitcoin BEP2
    BTCD BitcoinDark
    BTCP Bitcoin-Private
    BTG Bitcoin-Gold
    BTM Bitmark
    BTS BitShares
    BTT BitTorrent
    BTX Bitcore
    BURST Burstcoin
    BUSD Binance-USD
    BUZZ BuzzCoin
    BYC Bytecent
    BYTOM Bytom
    C20 Crypto20
    CAKE PancakeSwap
    CANN CannabisCoin
    CAT BlockCAT
    CCRB CryptoCarbon
    CDT Blox
    CFI Cofound-it
    CHAT ChatCoin
    CHIPS Chips
    CLAM Clams
    CLOAK CloakCoin
    CMP Compcoin
    CMT CyberMiles
    CND Cindicator
    CNX Cryptonex
    COFI CoinFi
    COMP Compound
    COVAL Circuits-Of-Value
    CRBIT CreditBIT
    CREA CreativeCoin
    CREDO Credo
    CRO Coin
    CRW Crown
    CSNO BitDice
    CTR Centra
    CTXC Cortex
    CURE CureCoin
    CVC Civic
    DAI Dai
    DAR Darcrus
    DASH Dash
    DATA DATAcoin
    DAY Chronologic
    DBC DeepBrain-Chain
    DBIX DubaiCoin
    DCN Dentacoin
    DCR Decred
    DDF Digital-Developers-Fund
    DENT Dent
    DFS DFSCoin
    DGB DigiByte
    DGC Digitalcoin
    DGD DigixDAO
    DICE Etheroll
    DLT Agrello-Delta
    DMD Diamond
    DMT DMarket
    DNT district0x
    DOGE DogeCoin
    DOPE DopeCoin
    DOT Polkadot
    DRGN Dragonchain
    DTA Data
    DTB Databits
    DYN Dynamic
    EAC EarthCoin
    EBST eBoost
    ECN E-coin
    EDG Edgeless
    EDO Eidoo
    EFL Electronic-Gulden
    EGC EverGreenCoin
    EGLD Elrond
    EKT EDUCare
    ELA Elastos
    ELEC Electrify.Asia
    ELF aelf
    ELIX Elixir
    EMB Embercoin
    EMC Emercoin
    EMC2 Einsteinium
    ENG Enigma
    ENJ Enjin-Coin
    ENRG EnergyCoin
    EOT EOT-Token
    EQT EquiTrader
    ERC EuropeCoin
    ETC Ethereum-Classic
    ETH Ethereum
    ETHD Ethereum-Dark
    ETHOS Ethos
    ETN Electroneum
    ETP Metaverse-Entropy
    ETT EncryptoTel
    EVE Devery
    EVX Everex
    EXCL ExclusiveCoin
    EXP Expanse
    FCT Factom
    FIL Filecoin
    FLDC FoldingCoin
    FLO FlorinCoin
    FLT FlutterCoin
    FRST FirstCoin
    FTC Feathercoin
    FTT FTX Token
    FUEL Etherparty
    FUN FunFair
    GAM Gambit
    GAME GameCredits
    GAS Gas
    GBG Golos Gold
    GBX GoByte
    GBYTE Byteball
    GCR GCRCoin
    GEO GeoCoin
    GLD GoldCoin
    GNO Gnosis-Token
    GNT Golem-Tokens
    GOLOS Golos
    GRC Gridcoin
    GRT Graph
    GRS Groestlcoin
    GRWI Growers-International
    GTC Game
    GTO Gifto
    GUP Guppy
    GVT Genesis-Vision
    GXS GXShares
    HBAR Hedera
    HBN HoboNickels
    HMQ Humaniq
    HPB High-Performance-Blockchain
    HSR Hshare
    HT Huobi Token
    HUSH Hush
    HVN Hive
    HXX HexxCoin
    IFC Infinitecoin
    IFT investFeed
    IGNIS Ignis
    INCNT Incent
    IND Indorse-Token
    INF InfChain
    INK Ink
    INS INS-Ecosystem
    INSTAR Insights-Network
    INT Internet-Node-Token
    INXT Internxt
    IOC IOCoin
    IOP Internet-of-People
    IOST IOStoken
    IOTX IoTeX
    IQT Iquant-Chain
    ITC IoT-Chain
    IXC iXcoin
    IXT InsureX
    J8T JET8
    JNT Jibrel-Network
    KCS KuCoin
    KICK KickCoin
    KLAY Klaytn
    KMD Komodo
    KNC Kyber-Network
    KORE KoreCoin
    KSM Kusama
    LBC LBRY-Credits
    LCC Litecoin-Cash
    LEND EthLend
    LEV Leverj
    LGD Legends-Room
    LINDA Linda
    LINK ChainLink
    LKK Lykke
    LMC LoMoCoin
    LOCI LOCIcoin
    LOOM Loom-Token
    LRC Loopring
    LSK Lisk
    LTC Litecoin
    LUN Lunyr
    LUNA Terra
    MAID MaidSafeCoin
    MANA Decentraland
    MATIC Polygon
    MAX Maxcoin
    MBRS Embers
    MCO Monaco
    MDA Moeda-Loyalty-Points
    MEC Megacoin
    MED MediBlock
    MEME Memetic
    MER Mercury
    MGC MergeCoin
    MGO MobileGo
    MINEX Minex
    MINT Mintcoin
    MITH Mithril
    MKR Maker
    MLN Melon
    MNE Minereum
    MNX MinexCoin
    MOD Modum
    MONA MonaCoin
    MRT Miners-Reward-Token
    MSP Mothership
    MTH Monetha
    MTN MedToken
    MUE MonetaryUnit
    MUSIC Musicoin
    MYB MyBit-Token
    MYST Mysterium
    MZC Mazacoin
    NAMO Namocoin
    NANO Nano
    NAS Nebulas-Token
    NAV Nav-Coin
    NBT NuBits
    NCASH Nucleus-Vision
    NDC NeverDie-Coin
    NEBL Neblio
    NEOS NeosCoin
    NET Nimiq
    NLC2 NoLimitCoin
    NLG Gulden
    NMC Namecoin
    NMR Numeraire
    NOBL NobleCoin
    NOTE DNotes
    NPXS Pundi-X-Token
    NSR NuShares
    NTO Fujinto
    NULS Nuls
    NVC Novacoin
    NXC Nexium
    NXS Nexus
    NXT Nxt
    OAX openANX
    OBITS Obits
    OCL Oceanlab
    OCN Odyssey
    ODN Obsidian
    OK OKCash
    OMG OmiseGo
    OMNI Omni
    ONION DeepOnion
    ONT Ontology
    OPT Opus
    ORN Orion-Protocol
    OST Simple-Token
    PART Particl
    PASC PascalCoin
    PAY TenX
    PBL Pebbles
    PBT Primalbase-Token
    PFR Payfair
    PING CryptoPing
    PINK Pinkcoin
    PIX Lampix
    PLBT Polybius
    PLR Pillar
    PLU Pluton
    POA POA-Network
    POE Poet
    POLY Polymath
    POSW PoSW-Coin
    POT PotCoin
    POWR Power-Ledger
    PPC Peercoin
    PPT Populous
    PPY Peerplays
    PRG Paragon-Coin
    PRL Oyster-Pearl
    PRO Propy
    PST Primas
    PTC Pesetacoin
    PTOY Patientory
    PURA Pura
    QAU Quantum
    QLC Qlink
    QRK Quark
    QRL Quantum-Resistant-Ledger
    QSP Quantstamp
    QTL Quatloo
    QTUM Qtum
    QUICK Quickswap
    QWARK Qwark
    R Revain
    RADS Radium
    RAIN Condensate
    RBIES Rubies
    RBX Ripto-Bux
    RBY RubyCoin
    RCN Ripio-Credit-Network
    RDD ReddCoin
    RDN Raiden-Network-Token
    REC Regalcoin
    RED Redcoin
    REP Augur
    REQ Request-Network
    RHOC RChain
    RIC Riecoin
    RISE Rise
    RLC RLC-Token
    RLT RouletteToken
    RPX Red-Pulse
    RRT Recovery-Right-Tokens
    RUFF Ruff
    RUNE THORChain
    RUP Rupee
    RVT Rivetz
    SAFEX SafeExchangeCoin
    SALT Salt
    SAN Santiment-Network-Token
    SBD Steem-Dollars
    SBTC Super-Bitcoin
    SC Siacoin
    SEELE Seele
    SEQ Sequence
    SIB SIBCoin
    SIGT Signatum
    SJCX Storjcoin-X
    SKIN SkinCoin
    SKY Skycoin
    SLR SolarCoin
    SLS SaluS
    SMART SmartCash
    SMT SmartMesh
    SNC SunContract
    SNGLS SingularDTV
    SNRG Synergy
    SNT Status-Network-Token
    SOC All-Sports
    SOL Solana
    SOUL Phantasma
    SPANK SpankChain
    SPC SpaceChain
    SPHR Sphere
    SPR SpreadCoin
    SNX Synthetix-Network-Token
    SRN Sirin-Labs-Token
    START Startcoin
    STEEM Steem
    STK STK-Token
    STORJ Storj
    STORM Storm
    STQ Storiqa
    STRAT Stratis
    STX Stox
    SUB Substratum
    SWFTC SwftCoin
    SWIFT Bitswift
    SWT Swarm-City
    SYNX Syndicate
    SYS SysCoin
    TAAS Taas
    TAU Lamden
    TCC The-ChampCoin
    TFL True-Flip
    THC HempCoin
    THETA Theta-Token
    TIME Time
    TIX Blocktix
    TKN TokenCard
    TKR Trackr
    TKS Tokes
    TNB Time-New-Bank
    TNT Tierion
    TOA ToaCoin
    TRAC OriginTrail
    TRC Terracoin
    TRCT Tracto
    TRIBE Tribe
    TRIG Triggers
    TRST Trustcoin
    TRUE TrueChain
    TRUST TrustPlus
    TRX Tronix
    TUSD TrueUSD
    TX TransferCoin
    UBQ Ubiq
    UKG UnikoinGold
    ULA Ulatech
    UNB UnbreakableCoin
    UNI Uniswap
    UNITY SuperNET
    UNO Unobtanium
    UNY Unity-Ingot
    UP UpToken
    URO Uro
    USDT Tether
    UST TerraUSD
    UTK UTrust
    VEN VeChain
    VERI Veritaseum
    VET VeChain
    VIA Viacoin
    VIB Viberate
    VIBE Vibe
    VOISE Voise
    VOX Voxels
    VPN VPNCoin
    VRC Vericoin
    VRM Verium
    VRS Veros
    VSL vSlice
    VTC Vertcoin
    VTR vTorrent
    WABI WaBi
    WAN Wanchain
    WAVES Waves
    WAX Wax-Token
    WBTC Wrapped Bitcoin
    WCT Waves-Community
    WDC WorldCoin
    WGO WavesGo
    WGR Wagerr
    WINGS Wings
    WPR WePower
    WTC Walton
    WTT Giga-Watt-Token
    XAS Asch
    XAUR Xaurum
    XBC Bitcoin-Plus
    XBY XtraBYtes
    XCN Cryptonite
    XCP Counterparty
    XDN DigitalNote
    XEL Elastic
    XHV Haven-Protocol
    XID Sphere-Identity
    XLM Stellar
    XMG Magi
    XMR Monero
    XMT Metal
    XMY Myriadcoin
    XPM Primecoin
    XRL Rialto
    XRP Ripple
    XSPEC Spectrecoin
    XST Stealthcoin
    XTZ Tezos
    XUC Exchange-Union
    XVC Vcash
    XVG Verge
    XWC WhiteCoin
    XZC ZCoin
    XZR ZrCoin
    YEE Yee
    ZCC ZcCoin
    ZCL Zclassic
    ZCO Zebi
    ZEC Zcash
    ZEN ZenCash
    ZET Zetacoin
    ZIL Zilliqa
    ZLA Zilla
    ZRX 0x