AstroApp provides you with a set of REST and JavaScript APIs that can be used to add charting functionality to your web sites and mobile applications.

    Our Astrology REST APIs are:
    • High Performance: we support sustained loads of tens of millions requests per day
    • High Availability: running on multiple geographically distributed servers
    REST APIs key features:
    • Chart data, Chart images (multiple styles), Planets, Asteroids, Houses, Aspects
    • Returns:
      • Solar Returns, Lunar Returns, Planetary Returns
      • Returns to Natal positions, specified Zodiacal positions, phases, etc
    • Transits:
      • Transits to Natal Horoscopes
      • Transits to Transits
    • Progressions (secondary and minor)
    • Ingresses:
      • Ingresses into Signs,
      • Ingresses into Nakshatras,
      • Ingresses into Lunar Mansions,
      • Ingresses into Terms (Bounds),
      • Ingresses into Zodiacal degrees.
    • Moon Conditions: Void Of Course, Lunar Mansion, Vedic Nakshatra, Current and Next Phases data, etc.
    • Dignities (both Essential and Accidental)
    • Statistics:
      • Statistics by Signs
      • Statistics by Houses
    • Geo-Location APIs and History of Time Zones changes APIs with the ability to search by locations and city names and by proximity to specified geographical coordinates. More than 5,000,000 places are supported.
    • ACG Maps - AstroCartography APIs
    • Basic Auth and Token authentication mechanisms are supported
    • JSON Input and Output
    Detailed Postman documentation with Examples in 30 programming languages including cURL, PHP, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, Java, C, and others: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/1590333/2s8YzUw1vr

    Legacy documentation on GitHub and additional usage examples:
    White Labeling and custom Branding options available


  • JavaScript APIs

    AstroApp JavaScript APIs include the following features:

    • Ability to include AstroApp charts in your web sites.
    • Let your web site users generate charts based on various calculation parameters
    • Get XML data feeds with the following information:
      • Planets: Longitude, Latitude, Speed for all major planets, asteroids, fictitious planets, Part of Fortune, and also selected pre-natal events (such as prenatal eclipses)
      • Houses: House cusps positions
      • Aspects: planets in major aspects with additional information such as applying vs separating aspects indicators, aspect values and so on
      • Time Zones: access to AstroApp database of cities and AstroApp database of time zone changes
    • Ability to use different chart styles including Western wheels and Vedic square charts.
    • High Performance - support of sustained load of millions requests per day
    • Client Side JavaScript APIs:
      • Midpoints calculation
      • Aspects between two objects calculation
      • House placements
      • Sign placements
      • Aspects / distances
      • Various utility and formatting functions
    • White Labeling and custom Branding options available