Medieval Tradition

  • Solar Return Distributions


    sr distributions2 
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      The Solar Returns Distributions  or Solar Return Circumambulation  is an ancient time-lord technique also known as Directing through Bounds . The Solar Returns Distributions  method found in translations of Umar Al-Tabari and several other medieval sources. This method is implemented in AstroApp  based on the presentation at UAC 2012 by Ben Dykes, PhD .


  • Dignities/Qualities

    Detailed Essential Dignities, Accidental dignities and degrees qualities information for planets and house cusps.

    Planets Relationships
    Planets Relationships
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    • Terms/Bounds systems: Egyptian, Chaldean, Valens, Ptolemy, Hephaistio, Vedic, and Iberian variation.
    • Triplicity systems: Dorothean, Ptolemy
    • Decan systems: Classical, Chaldean
    • Mutual reception (positive, negative, 3 variations of receptions by Sign Agreement)
    • 10 types of Planetary relationships (generosity, proper receptions, pushing nature, pushing power, retreat, advancement, hayz, and so on)
    • Degrees qualities (apogee relationship, Joy in Sign, Hayz, Almugea, degree qualities, Azemene, sex, and so on).
    • Sect details and dignities with triplicity rulers sequences
    • Lunar Mansions
    • Temperament
    • House Almutems
    • Planetary hours
    • Lunar days
    • Dispositors chains
    • Signs ascensional times
    • Chart statistics by traditional dignities and elements
    • Lord of the Geniture
    • Syzygy
    • 150 Arabic parts, Arabic parts editor
    • Whole signs aspects listing
     Dignities Table
    Dignities Table
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     House Cusps Details
    house cusps details small
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     Details for planets
    planetary details small
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  • Lunar Days

    lunar days
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  • Medieval Styles

    medieval square
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    medieval square2
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  • Planetary Hours Table

    planetary hours table
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  • Predictive Techniques



    Time Maps Editor
    time map editor
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    Time Maps
    time maps
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    Diurnal Quadrants (Lilly/Bonatti)
    diurnal quadrants

    1. Firdaria
      • Al-Biruni/Schoener
      • Robert Zoller's variation
      • No Nodes version
      • Lord of The Turn
    2. Profections (traditional and Great condition method according to Umar al-Tabari)
    3. Returns
    4. Solar Return Distributions
    5. Directions through Bounds (multiple Arabic/Persian methods)
    6. Ingresses
    7. Lord of the Turn (Medieval and Egyptian variations)
    8. Diurnal Quadrants (Bonatti, William Lilly methods).
    9. 5 methods of monthly divisions (Lucas Gauricus, medieval/Zoller, and others)
    10. Configurable Time Maps
    Advanced Profections
    profections advanced
    Lord of Orb (Abu Ma'shar and Diego de Torres) Nine Parts (Vedic and Persian methods)
    lord of orb nine parts abumashar
  • Lunar Mansions

    Arabic Lunar Mansions
    lunar mansions
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    • 12 methods of Lunar Mansions calculations:
    • Tropical,
    • Sidereal with 22 methods of precession/ayanamsa calculation
    • Lunar Stations based on defining stars based on Arabic, Chinese, and Tibetan traditions,
    • Arabic Manzils with variations according to Abenragel, Ibn al'Arabi, Agrippa, and Picatrix,
    • Vedic Nakshatras, 
    • Coptic mansions, 
    • Chinese Hsius.
    • Tibetan Gyukars.
    • Lunar mansions descriptions, rulers, talismans suggestions, and more
    • Interpretations of Tropical Lunar Mansions ingresses by  Bob Makransky
    • Lunar Mansions wheels
     Vedic Nakshatras
    nakshatras style
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    Medieval Lunar mansions interpretations
    lunar mansions interps
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  • Pages

    Traditional Astrology Page
    page traditional
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  • Election/Rectification

    election rectification
    • Fixed Stars Election Module (Picatrix / Renneisance Astrology and Magic course)
    • Election Module:
      • Ability to move the chart in time.
      • Ability to find exact time when house cusps are going to be in specified positions 

    Traditional Page with Election module
    trad page elections

    trad page elections

     Dignities Graphs

    Essential dignities changes graph with click-through details





    essential dignities graph election

    House Cusps Elections House Cusps elections with single-click chart previews
    house cusps elections form house cusp elections chart


  • Chart Details

     Temperament and Horoscope Details
    • Temperament (according to John Frawley)
    • Temperament Editor - traditional temperament evaluation tool
    • Lord of the Geniture
    • Hyleg (Bonatti)
    • Alcocoden (Bonatti/Zoller)
    • Syzygy
    • Preventional/Conjunctional chart types


  • Charts

    • Antiscion
    • Contra-Antiscion
    • Prenatal Lunation
    • Epoch Charts
    • Derived Houses
    • Thema Mundi
    Thema Mundi
    thema mundi fonts astroapp
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  • ChorographyTitle

    Ptolemaic Climes
    ptolemaic climes
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    Chorography according to Bonatti
    bonatti chorography
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  • Protocols

    • Temperament
    • Essential Dignities and Accidental Dignities
    • Slavery (Bonatti / Zoller)
    • Eminence
    • Medieval Persian Astrology: planetary strength according to Mashallah
  • Almutens

    • Topical Almutens:
      • Soul (according to Montulmo)
      • Soul (according to Ibn Ezra)
      • Almudebit of the chart Ibn Ezra
      • Almudebit of the chart according to Guido Bonatti
      • Almutem of the Chart according to Montulmo
      • Almuten of Children (according to Omar)
      • Almuten of Travel (Omar)
      • Almutem of Profession (Omar)
      • Almuten of Friends (Omar)
      • Almuten of Enemies (Omar)
      • Almuten of Siblings (Omar)
      • Almuten of Mother (Omar)
      • Sexual Union almuten (Omar)
      • Almuten of Mercury (Montulmo)
      • Almuten of the Ascendant (Montulmo)
      • Almuten of the Moon (Montulmo)
      • Almuten of Substance (Omar)
      • Almuten of Work (Omar)
      • Almuten of Objects
    • Almuten Designer
    Almuten Designer Dignities Protocol‏
    almuten designer astroapp dignities protocol astroapp
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  • Arabic Parts

    • 150 Arabic Parts
    • Hellenistic Arabic Parts
    • Advanced Arabic Parts Editor
    Arabic Parts listing and search filters: Arabic Parts Editor: 
    arabic parts filter arabic parts editor