• Advanced Transits Search

    Ability to search for transits by:

    • Position
    • Speed
    • Aspects
    • Aspects to Points
    • Phases

    Ability to search using Ecliptic Longitude, Latitude, Equatorial RA, and Declination coordinates.
    Ability to combine unlimited number of search criteria.
    Ability to create Calendars and Timelines from Transit Search results.
    Ability to Save Transit Search criteria.
    Ability to export various tables into MS Excel, XML and comma-delimited (CSV) formats..

    Transits to Natal Search module
    Ability to search for:

    • Transit to Natal aspects (ecliptic and equatorial coordinates)
    • Ingresses into natal houses (various sensitive house points, 12-house and 13-house based systems)
    • Ability to create searches with complex combinations of search criteria
    • Ability to save transit to natal searches
    • Ability to add interpretations to saved searches, ability to rate search results
  • Search Formulas

    Advanced Search functionality allows building and saving advanced charts search criteria based on wide range of parameters.
    The Advanced Search functionality can be used for conducting chart database searches, for chart groups research and analysis.


    Building Chart Search criteria:

    advanced search charts
    Available search criteria:
    1. Sign placements (including 12 tropical signs and 13th sign Zodiac)
    2. Sign stats (number of objects in signs or sign types)
    3. House placements (individual houses, house types)
    4. By Aspects between planets
    5. By Aspects between planets and ecliptic points.
    6. By Aspect Patterns (26 patterns available)
    7. By phases between any objects
    8. By Dignities placements
    9. By rulers over specified objects.
    10. By Traditional Considerations
    11. By position in various coordinate systems
    12. By Speed
    13. By direction of the motion
    14. By sect placements of planets
    15. By chart sect
    16. By midpoint aspects.


    You can search objects by their own placement and also by:
    Dispositor: search based on the position of the ruler of the selected Point.
    1st, 2nd, or 3rd Triplicity Rulers - search based on triplicity rulers of the selected Point.
    Bound ruler - search based on the term (bound) lord of the selected Point.
    Face ruler - search based on the Face (Decanate) lord of the selected Point.
    Antiscion - search based on the position of the antiscion of the selected Point.
    Contra-Antiscion - search based on the position of the contra-antiscion of the selected Point.

    Search criteria can be combined into complex formulas using the following operators:

    In addition to that you can define filters such as chart names, event types, etc.
    When search for first trade horoscopes (Financial Gold Edition), you can add market related filters: Market Indexes, Industry, Sectors, Markets and so on.

    Search criteria and search formulas can be saved and then used to analyze your charts database.
  • Chart Stats

    The following statistic graphs are available:

    • Stats by Element
    • Planets distribution by Sign Rulers
    • Planets distribution by Exaltation
    • Planets distribution by Terms/Bounds
    • Planets distribution by Faces rulers
    • Planets distribution by Fall rulers
    • Planets distribution by Detriment rulers
    • Planets distribution in Signs
    • Planets distribution in Signs (13 signs Zodiac)
    • Planets distribution in Faces/Decans
    • Planets distribution in Houses
    • Planets distribution by House Types (Angular, Succedent, Cadent)
    • Planets distribution in Quadrants
    • Planets distribution in Hemispheres
    • Planets distribution by Masculine/Feminine signs
  • Chart Groups Analysis

    Ability to analyze groups of charts for commonalities and differences
    13 research criteria
    Customizable research criteria set
    Statistical graphs with charts group data along with predicted/expected values and standard deviations below and above the mean

    Charts Group research criteria Group Research Results
    group research criteria group research results
    Group Research Statistics/Graphs  
    group research results stats