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All Branches of Astrology

  • Hellenistic
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Modern (Uranian, Huber, Rudhyar, Sidereal, etc)
  • 13 Signs
  • Magic
  • Medical
  • Mundane
  • Financial
  • Mayan
  • Synastry
  • Vedic
  • Oriental (Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, Mongolian)
  • Research

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Astrology Software that runs anywhere:

  • Desktop/Laptops: Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Tablets: Apple iPads, Android (such as Galaxy, ZenPad, Nexus, etc), MS (MS Surface, Dell Canvas, etc)
  • Smartphones: iPhones, Android-based phones, Windows phones and others
  • Browser-enabled SmartTVs
  • As a Facebook App

AstroApp is available in 15 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Tamil, Arabic, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, German, Russian.


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  • Free Edition: basic features (natal charts, ingresses, dignities).
  • AstroApp Traditional Basic: This edition is specifically designed for Chris Warnock's astrology courses (such as Planetary Magic course, Electional Astrology course, Horary and others).
  • AstroApp Pro: all features of AstroApp except Financial and Oriental.
  • AstroApp Vedic: all Vedic features of AstroApp Pro and basic Western Astrology features.
  • AstroApp Oriental: Oriental Astrology: Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Mongolian.
  • AstroApp Financial Gold: Financial Astrology plus all the features of the AstroApp Pro.
  • AstroApp APIs: JavaScript APIs and REST APIs to use astrological calculations on your own web sites and mobile apps.

Astrology Software Online!

AstroApp is the first web based professional Astrology software

AstroApp is a professional Astrology Software that is available online and that can be accessed using any modern web browser. AstroApp is unique as it does not require installation, download, upgrades, backup or any other maintenance activities from the user. AstroApp will run on Mac, Windows, Linux PCs, on SmartTVs, on all Tablets and Smartphones (Android, iOS, Win). You will focus on Astrology and we will take care of all the technical details.
All you need is a modern browser and internet connection - it's that simple. Select the Edition that suits your needs and your budget. Pay only for what you use, pause or renew your subscriptions any time. AstroApp includes features for both novice and experienced astrologers. Every area and every tradition of astrology is represented including Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance, Horary, Modern, Huber, Symmetrical, Vedic, Chinese, Tibetan, Mayan, 13-Signs, Medical, Galactic, Planet/Asteroid-centered, Financial, and so on.

Vedic Astrology

  • Overview

    • Shadbala
    • Panchanga
    • Vedic Transits (transits into Signs, Kakshyas, Nakshatras, Padas)
    • Ashtakavarga:
      • Ashtakavarga table and Page Designer components
      • Rekhas table
      • Binashtakavarga table
    • Vedic Planetary Dignities:
      • Vedic Dignities
      • Natural Planetary Relationships
      • Temporary Planetary Relationships
      • Compound dignities components (Dignities and All relationships)
    • Sarvatobhadra:
      • Sarvatobhadra Chakra
      • Sarvatobhadra Vedhas and Sapta Nadi numbers, lords according to Classical and  Narapatijayacharyā traditions.
    • Vedic matchmaking: Ashtakoota compatibility (with multiple Varna and Yoni calculation methods)
    • Yogas: more than 110 yogas with interpretations and positive/negative classifications.
    • Graha Samaya
    • Advanced Chart search with Vedic features support4 Chart styles (North Indian Chart, South Indian Chart, Nakshatras wheel, Tropical/Vedic dual Zodiac wheels)
    • 20 Vargas
    • 30 Ayanamsas
    • Ability to set user-defined ayanamsa
    • Varga Vishwas:
      • Varga Vishw
      • Shadvarga
      • Saptavarga
      • Dasavarga
      • Shodasa Varga
    • Nakshatras with Padas
    • Kalachakra
    • Karakamsa chart
    • Swamsa chart
    • Bindhu tables
    • Rasi Drishti table (Jaimini Astrology)
    • Graha Drishtis table
    • Graha Sphuta (Graha Sputa)
    • Karakas (Jaimini tradition)
    • Tithis
    • Kala Hora
    • 3 Muhurta types tables

    Dira Bala (Dirah Academy: Vedic Planetary Strength)
    Vedic Planetary Dignities:

    • Vedic Dignities
    • Natural Planetary Relationships
    • Temporary Planetary Relationships
    • Compound dignities components (Dignities and All relationships)
    • Dirah Bala (Dirah Academy: Vedic Planetary Strength)

    Vedic Astrology Sarvatobhadra
    vedic charts sarvatobhadra  
    Kalachakra Vedic Planetary Strength:
    kalachakra astroapp dirah vedic strength planets
  • Vargas

      Available Vargas:
    1. D1: Rasi,
    2. D2: Hora,
    3. D3: Dreshkana,
    4. D4: Chaturthamsa,
    5. D5: Panchamsa,
    6. D6: Shasthamsa,
    7. D7: Saptamsa,
    8. D8: Ashtamsa,
    9. D9: Navamsa,
    10. D10: Dasamsa,
    11. D11: EkaDasamsa/Rudramsa (traditional and Iyer's calculation methods),
    12. D12: Dvadasamsa,
    13. D16: Shodasamsa,
    14. D20: Vimsamsa,
    15. D24: ChaturVimsamsa,
    16. D27: SaptaVimsamsa,
    17. D30: Trimsamsa,
    18. D40: KhaVedamsa,
    19. D45: AkshaVedamsa,
    20. D60: Shastamsa 
      Varga Viswa example
    varga viswa shodadasa
  • Dashas

      The list of available Dasha systems:
    1. Vimshottari Dasha. The most commonly used Nakshatra-based dasha system.
    2. Naisargika Dasha.
    3. Niryana Shoola (Jaimini). Rasi based dasha.
    4. Niryana Shoola (Raman). Rasi based dasha. Unlike the Niryana Shoola (Jaimini), in this case if Lagna (ASC) falls into a masculine sign, the dasha starts from the sign of the 7th house instead of the 1st.
    5. Chara Dasha
    6. Ability to modify calculation rules for all Dashas.


  • Forecast

    • 5 Dashas (with abilities to modify calculation rules)
    • Varshaphala (returns)
    • Progressions:
      • Sudarshana Progressions
      • Progressions through Vargas
      • Navamsa and Dwadasamsa Progressions
      • Vimshotari Dasha Progressions
      • Bhrigu Progressions
    • Transit listings that support ayanamsas
    • Advanced Transits search with Vedic astrology supports (such as ingresses in Navamsas)
    • Gochara
    • Muntha / profections
    • Vedic Transits: ingresses into Signs, Nakshatras, Padas and Kakshyas (along with rulership and friendship details)
  • KP Astrology

    • Planets Lords and Puskara navamsa table and Page Designer components
    • House Lords and Puskara navamsa table and Page Designer components
    • House details according to KP Astrology System
    • KP Horary charts (based on KP Horary numbers / KP Horary Seed number)
  • Sarvatobhadra

    • Sarvatobhadra Chakra
    • Sarvatobhadra Vedhas and Sapta Nadi numbers, lords according to Classical and  Narapatijayacharyā traditions.
  • Special Points

    • Upagrahas
    • Arudhas
    • Sphutas
    • Special Lagnas
    • Special Lagnas Editor
  • Muhurtas

    1. Proportional Muhurtas
    2. Fixed Muhurtas
    3. Chaughadia Muhurta
  • Tools and Settings


    • Page Designer:
      • 25 Vedic Astrology components
      • Pre-defined Vedic Pages
    • Yogas Editor
    • Special Lagnas Editor
    • 3D Planetarium with Vedic Zodiac support (ayanamsa-corrected).


    • 30 ayanamsas
    • Chart drawing:
      • Glyphs
      • English letters
      • Sanskrit.
    • Ability to configure how planetary information is shown in charts
    • Temporary Planetary relationships calculation methods (based on Natal and Varga positions).
    • Ashtakoota:
      • Varnas: 4 Varna calculation methods
      • Yoni: 2 Yoni calculation methods.
    • Sarvatobhadra: 2 methods of Sapta Nadi calculations
    • Vedic Terms/Bounds
    • True vs Mean calculation modes for Rahu and Ketu.

November 21st, 2023

  1. Mobile UI enhancements: Inline forms, mobile-style hamburger menus, adaptive UIs and more. Ability to use  mobile UIs on desktop/laptop devices.
  2. 6 new UI skins, including Magenta, Obsidian, Stratus, Mobile and more. Skin previews in Settings.
  3. New ready-to-print Natal and Solar Return interpretation reports by Kitty Bonny and Abigail Craig. Existing interpretation reports updates and additions.
  4. Ability to add stars, planetoids and dark planets to customizable object sets.
  5. Thirteen Signs Astrology:
    • New Rainbow style for the 13 Signs/13 Houses visualization.
    • Planets in 13 houses interpretation report - updated/reworked.
    • New 13 Signs Zodiac calculation method according to Pedro De Damborenea.
    • Planets and Planetoids in 13 Signs and Houses interpretation reports in English in Spanish by Pedro De Damborenea.
    • Ability to search charts based on planets placements in 13 Houses (2 house systems).

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November 22nd, 2022

1. Geomancy
2. Advanced Election Searches. Hundreds of election criteria, election formulas, searches can be saved, interactive results timeline.
3. Ability to add special objects / asteroids to all components, including charts, tables, etc.
4. Ability to configure and customize special object sets
5. Mundane Astrology: Mean Conjunctions (8 medieval Arabic methods including Kushyar, Masha'allah, Ibn Al-Shatir, Abu Ma'shar, etc).
6. Updated 13 signs interpretation reports
7. Traditional Basic page enhancements.
1. Lunar Conditions API (Phase, Angle, Next Phase data, Void of Course, Nakshatra placements, Lunar Mansions placements and more)
2. Ingresses API
Financial Astrology:
1. Advanced Searches / scanner for the Quarterly Results Announcement (EPS results).
2. Updated companies and first trade / IPOs database
3. New video tutorials by Bill Meridian

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February 1st, 2022

1. AstroApp is now available in German.
2. 10 new interpretation reports, including the Natal Evolutionary report by Abigail Craig.
3. Ability to export Interpretation reports to PDF
4. Ability to print preview Interpretation reports
5. Solunars, Anlunars, returns to house cusps, to planets and major asteroids
6. Solar Spots (Observed and Predicted)
7. 13 Signs Zodiac according to Walter Berg, Vasilis Kanatas and Athen Chimenti, also Berg/Kanatas and Chimenti/Kanatas, Berg/Chimenti midpoint averages
8. Two New 13 Signs Zodiac wheel styles
9. Vedic Astrology: Sastri Zodiac
10. Unequal Zodiac Wheels
11. Main screen tables support 13 signs and unequal Zodiac variations
12. Mundane Astrology: Dawr calculations according to Abu Ma'shar and Mashallah
13. Aspect Patterns table
14. Fixed Stars table filtering
15. Usability enhancements
16. Ability to customize certain chart style options across all wheel styles.
17. ACG APIs