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All Branches of Astrology

  • Hellenistic
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Modern (Uranian, Huber, Rudhyar, Sidereal, etc)
  • 13 Signs
  • Magic
  • Medical
  • Mundane
  • Financial
  • Mayan
  • Synastry
  • Vedic
  • Oriental (Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, Mongolian)
  • Research

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Astrology Software that runs anywhere:

  • Desktop/Laptops: Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Tablets: Apple iPads, Android (such as Galaxy, ZenPad, Nexus, etc), MS (MS Surface, Dell Canvas, etc)
  • Smartphones: iPhones, Android-based phones, Windows phones and others
  • Browser-enabled SmartTVs
  • As a Facebook App

AstroApp is available in 15 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Tamil, Arabic, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, German, Russian.


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  • Free Edition: basic features (natal charts, ingresses, dignities).
  • AstroApp Traditional Basic: This edition is specifically designed for Chris Warnock's astrology courses (such as Planetary Magic course, Electional Astrology course, Horary and others).
  • AstroApp Pro: all features of AstroApp except Financial and Oriental.
  • AstroApp Vedic: all Vedic features of AstroApp Pro and basic Western Astrology features.
  • AstroApp Oriental: Oriental Astrology: Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Mongolian.
  • AstroApp Financial Gold: Financial Astrology plus all the features of the AstroApp Pro.
  • AstroApp APIs: JavaScript APIs and REST APIs to use astrological calculations on your own web sites and mobile apps.

Astrology Software Online!

AstroApp is the first web based professional Astrology software

AstroApp is a professional Astrology Software that is available online and that can be accessed using any modern web browser. AstroApp is unique as it does not require installation, download, upgrades, backup or any other maintenance activities from the user. AstroApp will run on Mac, Windows, Linux PCs, on SmartTVs, on all Tablets and Smartphones (Android, iOS, Win). You will focus on Astrology and we will take care of all the technical details.
All you need is a modern browser and internet connection - it's that simple. Select the Edition that suits your needs and your budget. Pay only for what you use, pause or renew your subscriptions any time. AstroApp includes features for both novice and experienced astrologers. Every area and every tradition of astrology is represented including Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance, Horary, Modern, Huber, Symmetrical, Vedic, Chinese, Tibetan, Mayan, 13-Signs, Medical, Galactic, Planet/Asteroid-centered, Financial, and so on.

Financial Astrology

  • AstroApp Financial Edition

    Introduction to AstroApp Financial Edition

    We have teamed up with a world-renown astrologer and financial researcher Bill Meridian to give you the first Financial Astrology Software in the Cloud.

    Most important features of AstroApp Financial Edition include:

    • Multiple techniques from Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading III and IV books (planetary portfolios, price wheels, etc)
    • Bill Meridian's database of First Trade charts for USA; also first trade horoscopes for the following markets: United Kingdom, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, India, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Hong Kong (more than 9,780 charts in total). Regular updates are also provided
    • Bill Meridians database of Incorporation horoscopes for Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets
    • Database of 134,400+ companies covering 12 countries and 15 markets
    • Live (close of day) stock trading prices and volume data streams from the US and Australian markets with the ability to produce graphs and analyze using various transits and events data
    • ~25 years of historical data for US markets (stocks and selected ETFs)
    • FOREX end of day data, ability to use FOREX currency conversion data with technical indicators, astrological indicators, Trading and Research modules.
    • 157 currencies supported
    • Crypto - end of day data for cryptocurrencies. Crypto currencies research using astrological indicators, technical indicators, Gann, Trading System, Research modules, etc.
    • 575 crypto currencies are supported
    • Intra-day USA markets data (15 mins intervals for the last 7 to 14 trading days)
    • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies conversion: 463 cryptocurrencies and 156 currencies
    • Cryptocurrency conversion rates and transits
    • Very advanced Financial stock charts search with complex Boolean search criteria (including result set filters like AND, NOT, Exclusive OR, etc), data sets combinations, and so on
    • Financial Charts analysis/stats
    • Portfolios. Ability to analyze portfolio charts for commonalities
    • W.D Gann Planetary Support / Resistance lines
    • 15 Astro Indicators
    • Statistical analysis of trading prices correlations with astro significatorsStatistical analysis of trading prices correlations with astro significators
    • 93 technical indicators, ability to combine multiple indicators
    • Ability to combine technical analysis charts with Astro Events / Transits
    • Advanced Trading System. Ability to define and evaluate complex trading strategies based on 22 trading rules, based on technical indicators, astro events, groups of events, astro indicators
    • Composite Planetary Cycles and Stocks Prices (Geocentric, Heliocentric, Topocentric)
    • Planetary Cycles and Currency Exchange Rates
    • Transits / Stock pricing / Trading Volume Graphs
    • Research Module that supports research for stocks, commodities and FOREX currencies
    • Research events listing, ability to export events to Excel and XML for further offline research
    • Bradley Siderograph
    • US Economy Activity Cycle index
    • EPS - Quarterly Earnings Calendar and Transits (Earnings Announcements charts)
    • Ability to use both Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac (30+ ayanamsas) in Research and Transit modules
     Companies Data  Bill Meridian's database of First Trade charts
     companies  fin import update
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Price Wheel  Comprehensive Search
     fin price wheel  fin search
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Search Results  Charts Groups Analysis
     fin search results  companies stats
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Stock Prices and Transits  Stock Prices and Transits Zoom View
     fin stock graph  fin stock graph first trade zoom
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Stock Performance comparison 1  Stock Performance comparison 2
    fin graph comparison1 fin graph comparison2
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Transits, Stock Prices and Market Volatility  Astrological/Astronomical Events Analysis
    fin graph with volatility research graph bars
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
    Candlestick: Astro Indicators  OHLC chart with Astro Indicators
    astro indicators prices candlestick ohlc chart indicators
     Area graph with Astro Indicators  Candlestick 10 days zoom
    area stock indicators astro indicators prices zoom days
     Intra Day trading with Astro Indicators  Trading Strategy with Entry and Exit points
    intra day  trading graph buy sell
    Portfolio Astro Analysis  Donald Bradley Siderograph
    portfolio astro analysis  bradley siderograph
    Planetary Cycles Form: Planetary Cycles and Equity Prices:
    financial astrology cycles financial astrology planets cycles
    Cycles and Indicators      Cycles, Indicators and Events   
    financial cycles astrology financial events cycles indicators astrology
  • Trading System

    1. Ability to define Buy and Sell rules using:
      • 93 Technical Indicators
      • 15 Astro Indicators
      • Custom Astro Events and groups of events
    2. Astro Events can be created using formulas of unlimited complexity
    3. Ability to define trading strategies based on 22 rules:
      • Crossed Down Indicator
      • Crossed Up Indicator
      • Crossed Down Value
      • Crossed Up Value
      • In Pipe / Values
      • In Pipe / Indicators
      • In Slope / Values
      • In Slope / Range
      • Equal to Value
      • Equal to Indicator
      • Is Falling During Period
      • Is Rising During Period
      • Over Indicator
      • Over Threshold
      • Highest During Period
      • Lowest During Period
      • Stop Gain
      • Stop Loss
      • Under Indicator
      • Under Threshold
      • Wait
      • Events
    4. Ability to combine multiple buy and sell rules into complex trading strategies using AND, OR, XOR, NOT operands
    5. Ability to analyze profitability of such trading strategies
    6. Ability to compare trading strategies with Buy and Hold
    7. Price charts of entry/exit events
    8. Cash flow graphs
    Trading Chart with buy and sell signal Cash Flow
    trading graph buy sell cash flow
    Trading Strategy Rules  
    trading system rules trading system rules2
    Trading Strategy Analysis  
    trading system analysis  
  • Research

    • Detailed analysis of any user-defined astrological and astronomical events
    • Research price correlations between astronomical and astrological events
    • Compare profitability of price correlations for different events, for individual stocks and portfolios
    • Ability to merge research results to study cumulative effects.
    • View price correlations as tables and graphs (multiple graph types such as lines, bars, radar, areas and so on)
    • Rate astronomical and astrological events
    • Ability to use sidereal Zodiac, 30 predefined and also user-defined ayanamsas.
    • Ability to filter buy and sell events by week days and calendar months.
    • Ability to filter buy and sell events based on Zodiac Signs in which events occur
    • Ability to analyze trades profitability using Long and Short strategies.
     Areas graph  Research: bars chart
     research graph areas  research graph bars
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
    Clickable Research Graph Long and Short Trades Profitability testing
    financial research financial research profitability testing
     Radar graph/analysis  Lines graph
     research graph radar  research graph1
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Horizontal bars and saving functionality  Days stats with Doughnuts graphs
     research graph bar save  research graph doughnuts details
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Research setup  Research criteria configuration 1
    finance research research criteria create
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
    Research Results table view  
    financial research table  
  • Strategies

    • Define your investment and trading strategies based on astronomical and astrological events.
    • Analyze and compare your strategies.
    • Benchmark your strategies against the Buy and Hold profitability.
    • Define Investment Strategies based on your Research analysis
     Strategies module  Strategies results
     Strategies module  Strategies results
     Click Image to Enlarge  Click Image to Enlarge
     Criteria configuration  
     Criteria configuration
     Click Image to Enlarge
  • Charts Scanning

    Advanced Search for Financial charts:
    The Advanced Search module can be used to scan the first trade horoscopes database based on a huge number of criteria and criteria combinations.


    Building first trade horoscopes scanning criteria:
    financial charts scan
    Available search criteria:
    1. Sign placements (including 12 tropical signs and 13th sign Zodiac)
    2. Sign stats (number of objects in signs or sign types)
    3. House placements (individual houses, house types)
    4. By Aspects between planets
    5. By Aspects between planets and ecliptic points.
    6. By Aspect Patterns (26 patterns available)
    7. By phases between any objects
    8. By Dignities placements
    9. By rulers over specified objects.
    10. By Traditional Considerations
    11. By position in various coordinate systems
    12. By Speed
    13. By direction of the motion
    14. By sect placements of planets
    15. By chart sect
    16. By midpoint aspects.
    17. Search by IPO (first trade) dates.


    Search criteria can be combined into complex formulas using the following operators:
    Additionally, you can use parentheses expressions to combine search parameters and create search criteria of unlimited complexity.

    All Search Criteria can be saved and then reused with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Gann

    Gann Planetary Lines module:

    1. Classical Gann planetary support and resistance lines based on transits.
    2. Gann planetary support and resistance module for the First Trade charts.
    3. Geocentric, Heliocentric, and Topocentric calculations.
    4. Ability to combine different coordinates calculations for the same planets (such as Heliocentric with Geocentric).
    5. Ability to set the Price to Longitude scale.
    6. Configurable harmonic values.
    7. Ability to calculate Gann lines for Open, Close, High, Low, and Average daily prices.
    8. Clockwise and Counterclockwise longitude projections.
    9. Three stock chart styles: Candlestick, OHLC, and Area.
    10. Ability to combine and show multiple Gann planetary lines on a single chart.
    11. Ability to combine Heliocentric and Geocentric calculations for the same planets.
    12. Ability to evaluate Statistical Correlations between price movements and astro indicators.
    Planetary lines calculation: Planetary resistance line on the candlestick chart:
    gann planetary lines gann planetary lines chart
    Multiple Indicators: Multiple Indicators: Zoomed in view:
    multiple indicators multiple indicators zoomedIn
    Correlation between price movements and astro indicators:  
    stock astro correlations  
  • Astro Indicators

    Astro Indicators:

    1. Essential Dignities
    2. Accidental Dignities
    3. Complete Dignities
    4. Longitude
    5. Latitude
    6. Distance (AU)
    7. Speed
    8. Speed in Latitude
    9. Speed in AU

    Ability to use Astro Indicators with historical close of day data and intra-day data.
    Statistical correlations between astro indicators and stock prices.

    Candlestick graph with Astro Indicators OHLC chart with Astro Indicators
    astro indicators prices candlestick ohlc chart indicators
    Area chart with Astro Indicators Candlestick 10 days zoom
    area stock indicators astro indicators prices zoom days
    Intra Day trading with Astro Indicators Intra Day with Astro Indicators for Luminaries
    intra day intraday indicators luminaries
    Astro Indicators selector  Cycles with Astrological and Technical Indicators
    astro indicators  cycles astro technical indicators
  • Technical Indicators

    Technical Indicators
    1. Absolute Indicator,
    2. Acceleration/Deceleration,
    3. ADX,
    4. Amount,
    5. Aroon Down,
    6. Aroon Oscillator,
    7. Aroon Up,
    8. ATR,
    9. Awesome Oscillator,
    10. Bearish Engulfing,
    11. Bearish Haram,
    12. Bollinger Band: Lower,
    13. Bollinger Band: Middle,
    14. Bollinger Band: Upper,
    15. Bollinger Band Width,
    16. Bullish Engulifing,
    17. Bullish Harami,
    18. CCI,
    19. Chaikin Money Flow,
    20. Chaikin Oscillator,
    21. Chandelier Exist Long,
    22. Chandelier Exist Short,
    23. Close Location Value,
    24. CMO,
    25. Coppock Curve,
    26. Double EMA,
    27. DPO,
    28. DX,
    29. Gain,
    30. Highest Value,
    31. HMA,
    32. Ichimoku Chikou Span,
    33. Ichimoku Senkou Span,
    34. III,
    35. Loss,
    36. Lower Shadow,
    37. Lowest Value,
    38. MACD,
    39. Mass Index,
    40. Max Price,
    41. Mean Deviation,
    42. Median Price,
    43. Min Price,
    44. Minus DII,
    45. Minus DMI,
    46. %B,
    47. Periodical Growth Rate,
    48. Plus DII,
    49. Plus DMI,
    50. PPO,
    51. Previous Week Value,
    52. Price Variation,
    53. Random Walk Index: High,
    54. Random Walk Index: Low,
    55. RAVI,
    56. Real Body,
    57. ROC,
    58. ROCV,
    59. RSI,
    60. SMA - Simple Moving Average,
    61. Sigma,
    62. Simple Linear Regression,
    63. Standard Deviation,
    64. Standard Error,
    65. Stochastic Oscillator DI,
    66. Stochastic Oscillator KI,
    67. Stochastic RSII,
    68. Three Black Crows,
    69. Three White Soldiers,
    70. TR,
    71. Triple EM,
    72. Typical Price,
    73. Ulcer Index,
    74. Upper Shadow,
    75. Variance,
    76. "VWAP,
    77. Williams RI,
    78. WMA,
    79. ZLEMA
    80. Fibonacci Support,
    81. Fibonacci Resistance,
    82. Pivot Points,
    83. Demark Pivot Points,
    84. Demark Support,
    85. Demark Resistance,
    86. Standard Pivot Point Support 1,
    87. Standard Pivot Point Support 2,
    88. Standard Pivot Point Support 3,
    89. Standard Pivot Point Resistance 1,
    90. Standard Pivot Point Resistance 2,
    91. Standard Pivot Point Resistance 3,
    92. Lowest Value
    93. Bearish Haram

     Technical Indicators

    technical indicators

    Bollinger Bands with Astro Events

    technical indicators transits bollinger band

    Technical Indicators with Transit 

    technical indicators with transits

    Cycles with Technical and Astrological Indicators

    cycles astro technical indicators

November 21st, 2023

  1. Mobile UI enhancements: Inline forms, mobile-style hamburger menus, adaptive UIs and more. Ability to use  mobile UIs on desktop/laptop devices.
  2. 6 new UI skins, including Magenta, Obsidian, Stratus, Mobile and more. Skin previews in Settings.
  3. New ready-to-print Natal and Solar Return interpretation reports by Kitty Bonny and Abigail Craig. Existing interpretation reports updates and additions.
  4. Ability to add stars, planetoids and dark planets to customizable object sets.
  5. Thirteen Signs Astrology:
    • New Rainbow style for the 13 Signs/13 Houses visualization.
    • Planets in 13 houses interpretation report - updated/reworked.
    • New 13 Signs Zodiac calculation method according to Pedro De Damborenea.
    • Planets and Planetoids in 13 Signs and Houses interpretation reports in English in Spanish by Pedro De Damborenea.
    • Ability to search charts based on planets placements in 13 Houses (2 house systems).

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November 22nd, 2022

1. Geomancy
2. Advanced Election Searches. Hundreds of election criteria, election formulas, searches can be saved, interactive results timeline.
3. Ability to add special objects / asteroids to all components, including charts, tables, etc.
4. Ability to configure and customize special object sets
5. Mundane Astrology: Mean Conjunctions (8 medieval Arabic methods including Kushyar, Masha'allah, Ibn Al-Shatir, Abu Ma'shar, etc).
6. Updated 13 signs interpretation reports
7. Traditional Basic page enhancements.
1. Lunar Conditions API (Phase, Angle, Next Phase data, Void of Course, Nakshatra placements, Lunar Mansions placements and more)
2. Ingresses API
Financial Astrology:
1. Advanced Searches / scanner for the Quarterly Results Announcement (EPS results).
2. Updated companies and first trade / IPOs database
3. New video tutorials by Bill Meridian

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February 1st, 2022

1. AstroApp is now available in German.
2. 10 new interpretation reports, including the Natal Evolutionary report by Abigail Craig.
3. Ability to export Interpretation reports to PDF
4. Ability to print preview Interpretation reports
5. Solunars, Anlunars, returns to house cusps, to planets and major asteroids
6. Solar Spots (Observed and Predicted)
7. 13 Signs Zodiac according to Walter Berg, Vasilis Kanatas and Athen Chimenti, also Berg/Kanatas and Chimenti/Kanatas, Berg/Chimenti midpoint averages
8. Two New 13 Signs Zodiac wheel styles
9. Vedic Astrology: Sastri Zodiac
10. Unequal Zodiac Wheels
11. Main screen tables support 13 signs and unequal Zodiac variations
12. Mundane Astrology: Dawr calculations according to Abu Ma'shar and Mashallah
13. Aspect Patterns table
14. Fixed Stars table filtering
15. Usability enhancements
16. Ability to customize certain chart style options across all wheel styles.
17. ACG APIs